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Sunday, March 4, 2018


Everything that happens to me is a miracle in the the journey towards the self. The more I understand the self, the lesser the attention that goes towards the materials of the world. Life is natural, simple and easy to go along, when the actions are driven from what is liked. The simplicity is evident from the lifestyle that is lead. The life is soulful and beautiful, for the moment I now see.

As part of the regular routine, life needs a little automation to keep up to the much liked stillness. The more the stillness the more the tranquility. Empowering, it feels to some. But truly natural it is from the eyes of a witness. Experiencing tranquility is a common desire with a varying degree of motivations towards it. Today I want to say, tranquility is not just something that I want but it is something that I had like to pursue.

Breathing is the key to the journey that life is. Love is the strength to embark upon it. Courageous it might seem, but truly natural it is. Nature has its ways similar to the likes of the inner self. What we witness inside is what we see outside. Focus leaves us on this special journey, especially when we close our eyes and observe the breathe that is but natural. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Trinity ... Everything that you see !!

  The words, they begin, they end. The rain starts and it stops. The food is cooked and preserved, for it is to be consumed. How different is this world ? How different is this life ...

  The soul, they say, has no birth and no death, yet it has an intermittent journey of preservation through the cycles of birth and death.

  Once upon a time, there was a software engineer. Each of his day was filled with the passion for logic and design, witnessed in every line of code that he wrote. It was just like any other day for him, he had a meeting with his product manager. He was given a project to decommission a software product. The roadmap lays the various milestones to build a product that could eventually replace and decommission the older product. He plans and executes his steps. The successful decommissioning of the old product then gave him time to take off from work and pay a visit to his home country.

  At the same time, a young aspiring writer writes his first book. The writing is original and fascinating to finish reading the entire book in one sitting. A few months it took to be the sensation that it is today. While his love for writing continues, he receives an invitation from his school to honor his professor with a lifetime achievement award for the work in preserving ancient literature through teachings and publications. The professor was a very wise person and the writer decides to attend.

  On the day of honor, the professor speaks while addressing a large audience,

  "Celebration it is, to create, to preserve or to destroy,
      whether we realize it or not... Trinity is a part of everyone's life !!!"

  The writer meets his friend who is the software engineer. They have their stories to celebrate about, what about you ...?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Coming : An Understanding Beyond this Dimension

Life has never been the same. The magnitude of it has diminished to a level that calls it the lower phase of life. But not true.. What seems to be true is not true. The magnitude of the present life is certainly low. But what's not true is the inference that comes attached with the absence of wisdom. Observing closely enough to hear the true beat of the present phase, expands the little perceptive mind to discover a brand new world witnessing the phenomenon called the dimensional shift.

This is not a step back, but indeed the miracle of the tiny step that unleashed the grand discovery of a new world. The world which is as true as the one experienced in and around this life till date, but in no means relevant to the context preached through the lifetimes that passed by. Many experiences, knowledge and relationships were taught from the time of the first breathe.. But through out this life, the emphasis to open the doors into the new and unknown has been limited. The reason is vague and is rightly vague. Not any more is there a need to emphasize on the limitations or the reasons that were constructed around. Life has explored a new dimension !!

The unknown is the phenomenon, but to witness is to be fearless. Putting into words, makes it judgmental with a distinction between easy and tough. What appears to be slow might be the most amazing use of time, with the illusionary stick called success in between. Though there seems to be little to be learnt, the little is quite enough to explore the dimension that exists in the Coming !!!  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dedicated to the happiness in life…

Busy life is pretty stylish. In the polished black shoe, when you walk, you will but find thoughts all around. The alacrity is practiced in the passion of such lifestyles. The perfume and the tie, are all there, presenting a serious outfit to the so called life of yours. Working each moment, though partly for self-satisfaction, resembles more of a race. A race that is sometimes secretive while at other times quite aggressive. There is less pollution in the automobiles, thanks to the technology, but to remember the serenity of a peaceful lifestyle, is far from reality.
To bring back the calmness that was once the rightful possession of the peaceful mind, the article intends to open up your senses for the taste of freshness. Right here when you start trusting these words, and if you choose to close your eyes, there is this imagination that springs from the energy of the present. It is promisingly refreshing. Through this well-known marathon called life, take one step, only to enjoy the mere presence and participation of you as a whole. After that if you say that the world has never been the same, ever since, I will not be surprised. It just takes one miraculous step, the one step that is as natural and simple as any other, but different in that it contains YOU !!
For a few of you, life might be about love, passion, achievement or any such philosophy. What could be more rightful? If this was the only reality of each and every life that would exist, then surely you would have been certainly right. The diversity in lives exists for a grander reason. It might be a subject of the higher truths of human evolution, which is yet to be discovered, but until then you can take the privilege of stopping where you are to witness the one step of the race.

Sacramento, CA


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautiful it is... LIFE !!

     Today's article is a grand witness of life's hidden beauty. A lot is said about destiny. But life speaks much more than just the successes and failures in life. Life speaks about a journey embarked as an individual's life. This voice was heard by the Mahatma and so he says:

"My life is my message" - Mahatma Gandhi

     Through the course of life, I have experienced human. The thoughts of few such experiences were recorded.  Here, in my words, you can feel the imperfection of being human and also the bestowed treasure that's hidden in the mysterious experiences of the routine life. Without breathing the extraordinary, no man survives, and here is a tale that quotes the auspicious thoughts...

1. To be unlimited means to exist no more.

2. Love too, has a little mischief in it,
                 After all, it is the human mind that defines it.

3. To ask? How much would it take to ask?

4. Life teaches dissolving into Nature and emphasizes on FOCUS!!

     Greatness cannot be shown, it can only be witnessed. Both religion and science tried to show it. It is here I stand, belonging to no religion or science, Calling myself the world citizen, and there is no wonder when I say, I am in love with this world more than its conceptions.

"I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world" - Socrates, from Plutarch, Of Banishment, Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC).

 5. The body that contains me may not support the speed of thoughts I get, but it's alright to remind myself that I am still physical.

6. When you are not perfect, people will ask you to be perfect.
                    When you are perfect, people say you are not!

7. Magic is a term too limited to describe the happenings of life.

8. For those who define love, it is understood that they missed it.

9. Calculus, God, Love: Are the three perspectives defining the Infinite.
                             Truth: Is the only perspective defining the Unknown.

      In the ups and downs of life, writing has been a tool that has never let me down. Here is my deepest gratitude to the words of the language, that help me understand the true expression of life. And now I speak of it, 

Life's beauty is in its journey!! 

Sacramento, USA

Monday, November 12, 2012

Analyzing the Concept Behind DREAMS

dEDiCaTeD to the Eternity that encirles Life..

Author's Note: This analysis was recorded two years back when I had a dream that was followed by contemplative reasoning. The reasoning is posted here as it is.

I believe that it came from some place other than my mind. From my intuitive observation, a model can be formed as always, that can explain what actually happened. So here is the conception. The first thing is, here ‘I’ is assumed bigger than the present conscious self and each substance or a thing that makes up the other parts of the self are all connected. So, there is a telepathic communication channel that is established. Now if we can perceive some insights through this model, we can note that the control of all the parts of the ‘I’ including the conscious self is in the hands of the ’I’. This contradicts the previous assumptions, which talk of the mind as the controlling device of the conscious self. Now talking of ‘I’, we have to know that this ‘I’ has a reach beyond the consciousness. This can be proved through a study on my dream. Sleep is an unconscious process. Therefore when a dream comes to us, the complete setup is made unconsciously. But now if a dream brings a relevant aspect from the life of the conscious self, which is now happening in the absence of the consciousness, hence it proves the previous statement. Now, it can be understood that the source which designed and sent the dream is beyond the scope of the consciousness. Now the next immediate question that can be stated is as follows. As termed in the above context, if the dream process is supposed to have happened in the absence of consciousness, what is the actual means through which the dream got perceived, captured and discussed in this world (the material world or the physical world) which has a different reality compared to that of the original dream? It is through AWARENESS…

These were the concepts given to me for discussion. Here the questions and answers were provided sequentially as a stream of thought processes that helped me in the write-up.

- 01/20/2011 (Written two years back).

Friday, August 10, 2012


Dedicated to the trees of planet Earth.

There is a way. To everything that has ever existed. With authority the words are printed, to explain a solution that there is. No problem will be defined. There is a solution to the ever continuing cycle of breaking yourself.

The ripples are formed but on the surface. What’s true has to be explored. Is there a way?? Yes there is..

Life is different, in different places and at different times. What remains, is a journey that continues. Knowledge is an object, at a certain understanding. But the perspective may change. The definitions are for the objects, but your vision may change. What you see may not be true, but you may change. All there is, is stillness unexplored.

Swaying to the different conditions, trees are setting an example. But the ones with the eyes, are they seeing it? The strength is in the stillness at the core of the trunks, preaching this world that is all around. No matter who listens, they spend their lives in a mode no different. No differences they show, giving shelter and shade. What is wrong in letting us learn.

Filled with life and freshness, is there a message to be conveyed? Yes.

“When stillness speaks, we see that there is a way…”

Friday, July 13, 2012

QUOTES: A Second Series

Dedicated to the special hour that made writing more significant than the words it contained.

1. Life in US feels like
               Life’s in US
(An acknowledgement to the place that made me write)

2. Dear heart and mind
          Be together
    And I’ll be with you

3. To the beautiful U
             Just be You

4. Life’s live
             So just live

5. Who’s your’s?
             And what’s your’s?

6. Neither are you small
             Nor are you small in front of me
   - God

7. Welcome the wilderness to flow in..

8. You are never wrong
             Because being wrong is just a perspective

9. There are only one kind of people
              Called Sculptors,
         Creating their own Lives

10. When you see an ugly face
            Like Beethoven’s
       Guess what, you’ll say
        “You are Awesome”

Quotes are not the truths, they are the colors of experience.  - The Writer

Monday, June 25, 2012


Dedicated to the beautiful bird that pleased my heart this morning.
    On his journey, he has become too busy with the things he has been doing for the reasons he has created. He has a job with a schedule that is demanding. He has to take care of everything that he is held responsible for. He has to plan big and accurate. In this process he builds his personality.
    More and more professionalism flows into his life. Getting accustomed to the environment seems necessary. No intent other than his job, income and personal life exists. When the world offers him some space to relax, he uses the space to plan his investments. His planning takes him towards possessions that he categorizes as short term and long term. He defines his acts as a reflection of his own skill.
    He grows but in the eyes of his own. One day when the opportunity comes , he stares at a beautiful bird that is so unique. He quickly reaches for the grains he saved last night and tries to feed the bird. And when the bird pecks his palm for the grains he offered, he experiences the wilderness of nature. This act of his which was but natural, breaks him apart only to make him realize the connection that he missed all these days. Soon he understands the abundance in the enriching connection of the nature.
    This brings joy with tears rolling in his eyes. From thereafter he continues to live his life with the new born eye that witnesses the beauty between his surroundings and his life. He then finds a moment to put his wisdom into words and says: “Everything is in place and for the one who discovers it, it is just a Perfect World”.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tensed!! A Realization of the Strong Heart

    Dedicated to all the people in the world who felt tensed atleast once in their lifetimes.

    These are the moments when I see myself as hollow. Without knowing the situations that are queued up I stepped into the current that now drives me. The potential in me seems to vaporize like the fumes of the molten iron. Still I continue to walk this way with the light unknown.
    Trust that I have in this world is just enough to overcome these little pressures I am experiencing. But it is the spirit that supports me to continue walking, strongly like ever before. Humbled I live, watching the lights diminishing only with the blind trust that everything will be in place.
    I don’t have the worldly words to describe the drained spirit. Without the strength that is mine I have come this far. But still there is an ocean to cross. The moments of being tensed seems to make the environment unfriendly. The love still exists and I feel acknowledged that things will be in place. Each time, I can convince myself only because of the STRONG HEART and not because of the knowledge of future.
    It’s still the trust I use, to keep myself out of trembling. A little different it is from the fears of the world, but still so uncomfortable to drain my spirited existence. Working till the last calorie that is left un-burnt, I continue to take my next step.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Unfolding

    This is an amazing little write-up. Springing from the fields of amusement that a moment brings, is in itself a beautiful subject to explore. The subtle experience of something good in life leaves you in a whirlwind of emotions. But when the awareness just steps beyond the usual state of getting carried away, it is still the positivity of exploration that persists.
    Surprising was this concept, but truly beautiful. The unfolding is the phenomenon of growing from your experiences. You grow at all levels of abstractions in this life. The unrealized gift of this natural process is what I call “The Unfolding”. It is just the reflections of you growing, that materialize in the world outside. Only an eye it takes to witness it, but the support should be from the intellect you build. Though the conception is visualized only in either of the two worlds, let me make it clear through some examples, that may help bring to the fore the other missing world.
    Beginning with the timeline, we pass through each phase to become the Man. In the same way, the situations that unfold in your life also change. From a student you become the citizen. You start working towards your job which is the implicit reflection of the unfolding that happens within.
    Hence there is no point worrying about the opportunities we get today. As there is a day when you will be called and if it is true to have witnessed the unfolding that took place in the inner worlds, then there is a reflection of the same in the world outside. This comes to light today, and if not, today is just not that day.   

Sunday, March 25, 2012

As it is..

I have the freedom of thought and the potential to learn. My present being an opportunity that blossoms richness in every aspect of me. I can be truthful to this journal of mine where there is absolutely nothing that can raise an objection.
To unmask the truth of what I am I need to think how I can do it. To have the most sensitive observation on what makes me, is the essence of this article. Probably I dream like any other, but what makes me different, has to be witnessed. In terms of the material, there is lot of vocabulary that is found in the literature. But to peep into the soul of my being I have to seek beyond the ordinary literature. That which cannot be defined can still be spoken of. To value such words requires a great sense of patience supported with learning.
It is not the writer who is important, but the readers. It is not the thoughts I put in that makes a change in this world, but the hands of the listener who reads this article. Beautiful is the world, but it is up to the eyes that witness it. Put in other words,
         Are we free enough to witness the truth as it is??

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Eternal Rhymes of the Internal Glory

      The world’s love is in the air we breathe in. Embracing it, is accepting it. The day is smooth in the toughest of paths, with the radiance of beauty striking hard.. It’s a melodious spell that keeps you alive, creating a rhythm for you to drive. No power can be mightier, when every being is happier. Under hard rock, it is still the sounds of silence that makes the space.
      Harmony exists only when it is perceived. The essence of life is not in the green lush of a colorful garden, nor is it in a miraculous period of time. But here it is when you are open and ready to take it. What is.. is all that  is!!
      Not true, is the routine, scheduled. Free are we, to rule. There is no time in the realm of joy, that makes the story of a toy. Natural is how we act, fooling ourselves is but a fact.  Realization isn’t close, so that you lose, but life has many options only to let you choose. Being shy goes in vain, so just try and make it rain.
      Light isn’t external, when it is you who is eternal. Lives come and go, like waves on the shore. Contemporary is for the thinking, where temporary is just this thinking. For we are to shine, embracing the light of the shrine.       

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To be at Peace

    Life has become calm. It seems natural living from what I am. The disturbance isn't a part of my life at this instant. For that matter, there is immense serenity from which this writing has come.
    We nurture ourselves to become what we are. In this process, we call life to be training. But what was and what will be may not be linked to what is. A belief might only be transitory. When it comes to a wise man’s sayings, we find it true. Here the truth might be that we haven’t gone beyond it, in our thought or vision. Moreover acceptance is our nature just like exclamation. When we accept something as real, we build our knowledge and when we question it, we build our understanding.
    Sometimes life seems to have become empty. It happens when the craving has stopped. After this we start witnessing something interesting from our daily living. The situations remain unchanged and our actions ordinary but the inner phenomenon is now at peace. Finally, we understand that the essence of being human is experienced.     nsite may not be linked to what is. a ethod.hat can be solved.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quotes, Timeline And the Final Maestro Touch


  1. You believe only a little of me
The rest is called your ignorance
  2. If you don’t hire me
The shortcoming may not always be mine
  3. ADITYA HIRAN is a phenomenon
I am only an obedient worker under his name
  4. I spend my life trying to expand my consciousness
Don’t spend yours trying to measure it
  5. I don’t take the accolades you give me
It’s my name that takes it

  6. ADITYA HIRAN is my creation

  7. What is Fear
When life is a Gift

  8. When God speaks, I write
When I speak, God listens

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


    I strongly feel that the education demands a change from the existing system. Here I want to address the problem of data explosion. It has been foolish to accommodate more and more knowledge in the curriculum.
    Students should be driven by interest and passion, not by competition or performance. Children should learn in their journey, what they are interested to do in their lives. We should have a world that gives true education. In today’s system we have many flaws. Like, we must have read about a lot of things, but how much do we really retain and apply in our lives. For example, I am a computer science and engineering student. I have taken many courses since I was a kid. The fact is that I don’t remember most of what I studied.
    We don’t want a large number of engineers or scientists for making things better. We only need a persistent attitude on how we can make our lives better. Days are passing by, but how many of us observe the changes we are undergoing. How many of us understand where our strengths lie. I think we should not be complaining on the state of the present world. Instead we can do something qualitative to direct our energies and efforts towards triggering something good.
    I believe that life is all about experiencing change. It makes us strong and also gives us the wisdom of what we are and what this journey means to us. We are different from one another, but remember, we stand as ONE!! 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

It's a Simple World..

We learn from the society that we have to be responsible. We should be responsible in fulfilling our duties and taking good care of our loved ones. All that we remember about ourselves is physical. We work every day with the intent of building a good personality which is acknowledgeable by the society.
A small child is pleasant and joyous. He has no responsibilities. The trees live naturally. It is not their responsibility to purify the air or hold the earth together. It’s a part of their natural living. For us working is natural. Having food is natural. We share this space on earth for living together. It’s all basic living. In the same way we get emotional, we fall in love, we become angry and this is all defined naturally in the life of man. Moreover we have designed lifestyles and mannerisms for living together. Hence it is evident that the world today was built through a natural thought process for sustaining our race with stability and balance retained in nature.
Today we witness complications in life. We seem to understand more than our ancestors. We understand compromises, fears, differences, profits and many more which are less natural for the mind. In a way we call this knowledge, wisdom or even intelligence in the process of evolution.  We try to gear up to stand first in the queue. In this race between ourselves we have lost the concept of goal and purpose in our lives.
We started living without the common awareness of what we want from our lives. If a person starts running in one direction, our immediate thought is to run faster than him in the same direction. In this way we are living without a goal in life. We called this competition. Initially we defined concepts for sustaining a peaceful living in this world. But today we define our lifestyles for sustaining the concepts we defined earlier, even if they are inapplicable to the present. If we continue to attach strings in this way, we will be no different from the puppets in a puppet show.
Finally I want to say that it’s a simple world and there are no strings attached...     

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boredom Detached

    Talks with Aditya Varma: The essence of the talk is to try something new in life. It is about the trust we should lay on ‘Change’. We should experiment new things to explore the hidden talents in us. In the process we’ll learn.
    Investing on the routine things of life, isn’t interesting anymore, please realize. What you miss out in the routine thinking is something worth more than anything in life. There is no fun in visiting the same place again and again. It’s the freshness of a new place that brings us joy and excitement in the journey of life.
    Opening the doors to the unknown isn’t always easy. But once we start the practice of exploring into the details of life, we realize the colors which we never knew had existed previously. So, let’s record what we observe and then sketch out what’s new in the things we have done. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


    There are still tears in my eyes and today I wonder why.. I am sensitive and I don’t know what makes me cry. It’s all emotional but the only enquiry I hold is why??
    I don’t have reasons. The best part of it lies in the source that brings this creation to the stage. The gap between the bodies I hold and me is still not clear. I may exhibit many emotions, but there’s something I am looking for which exists beyond the visible. What appears right to me may remain a conception, and the only beauty that exists lies in witnessing it.
    All this knowledge leaves a person with the honorable designation of an actor. We can also call ourselves liars, if that sounds better. The only practice that life offers me, is now wet with tears. I call it sorrow which is but laughable for others. When they cry it’s me who laughs. However I want to question the validity of the happenings. There’s still a gap that I witness which differentiates me from all the pain I experience.
    Life isn’t the truth!! This is what I feel. It isn’t even close to something like that. What we see in this world is nothing but our own selves. So, what are you making fun of??
    I am in love with these words which come through me. It helps me dissipate the energy that builds out of emotions. It is the sadness today and the anger tomorrow, but I still question…

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Precious

    I have some energy. I manage it wisely. Every activity takes some of it, but soon after we sleep, we are ready to get more of it. What do you think about energy?  If you ask me, I would say I would grab it as much as I can. But what about the uncertainty with which we lead our lives..
    I don’t know how much it takes to experience the next situation. I guess this scenario of not knowing is quite natural in this planet. Now, let’s talk about the dissipation of energy. Just think how much of it is under your control. If I am right, it asks for your awareness while carrying on with your daily activities. ...I know I can’t ask for more.
    Once you start this practice, your concentration improves. You’ll come to know about your improvements once your observation improves. Oh! It’s now chaining up.. So what’s next?
    It’s now that we embark on a journey towards the unknowing. We begin our experiences with the new steps we take. We sense the aesthetic. But all I can assure you is that, it’s not over yet.
    Our understanding of what we perceive reaches a new level. It’ll be a new platform from where we do our activities. The world has been there for ages, but it’s now that the time has come to kindle our lives. Never before has there been such beauty in the world around. So, what has changed?
    When I took my debut in this new level, I was excited, and after all these years of persistence, I can say that I am now joyous. Now it’s your turn to write, learn or experience, as you now have the one precious thing – Your Life!!

 - 09/19/2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Defying ISNESS..

    This article is dedicated to the one who believes that there is NO END. Yes it is dedicated to the writer of this article, ADITYA HIRAN.
    For, he lives as though  he is living around his physical self more than he does in the physical. As far as I know, from the worldly definitions, he is a human being. But his style is different.
    He knows that life is a choice but still stands out of choosing the reality. He believes that choosing something is equally biased in life as there is judgment. Being intellectually tuned as a realized soul, he stays out of it.
    As he sinks into the eternity, he honors himself by saying that suffering is out of his life. Let me explain his perspective, he believes that nothing is created unless we create it. And now, this holds for “Suffering” as well.
Hence his life is a joyous song, conveying the truth that there is NO END, as all is Eternal!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


    This brings forth a whole new perspective of handling vibes in the journey of life. Let's understand vibes as a culmination of thoughts, emotions and intentions we create. Referring to this idea, Man seems to work on handling these vibes as long as his material conceptions do not collapse.
    In similar lines power is defined sometimes as the ability to handle vibes. Even after witnessing a whole lot of coincidences and happenings which are never expected, people still seem to believe in this fallacy called power, in which man imagines himself standing and stabilizing these vibes. So at the end of the day if we question ourselves on our achievements, we find our own ways to defend our own selves. If we dare to look into ourselves even after all this we understand 'Why a bad carpenter blames his tools.'
    Associating with the eternity, it may be true to call life as suffering, but it should be well understood that it is we who create this suffering. Coming to the vibes, they needn't be handled but need to be controlled in the first place while being created.

1st Noble Truth: Life is suffering. (Ref: Buddha's Eightfold Path)
2nd Noble Truth: You create your own reality. (Ref: Brahmarshi Patriji's Talks, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or well known as The Law of Attraction).
Inference: Have a check on what you create before calling life a suffering.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


    On being asked by my friend, I am writing this article. It is about inner peace. If you believe this article to be the answer, it will surely be.
    At some point of time each and everyone of us arrive at this quest. But having a question in mind is not enough. Moreover it is very different from embarking an exploration towards inner peace. When there is enough strength in you to be persistent in your quest, it is only then that your journey is said to have begun.
    What does it take to begin this journey? The answer I give is "You"!!
    Is there a way to know what we really are? I give a Yes Yes to the question. For further clarity I would like to mention ways to satiate your materialism. We believe ourselves to be physical entities which is a conception in the first place. We tend to believe in what we see which needn't be the truth always. For the dictionary to hold a word that can explain this exploration of the self, we have the term MEDITATION.
    What is meditation and how do we practise it? Meditation is a "NO-THOUGHT" state. To achieve this state we inculcate a practice called ANAPANASATI. This practice was first given by the Buddha. It is a simple practice yet so powerful.
    Anapanasati means "To be with the in-breathe and the out-breathe". Closing our eyes and practising this technique gives a revelation of what we are looking for.
    Over time, we come to an understanding that there are no questions. We realize that our questions were never needed. The vitality of living in the present is understood and experienced.
    Hence Inner Peace is said to have been found. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Through the Basics

    In the ‘Now’ of time, let’s introduce the reader to the journey that absorbs the benefits from sheer exploration of the self. Let this be a key to the door of unresolved miseries.
    Life has started. Every co-ordinate in the limits of birth and death has to be experienced. The time has come to start the exploration that pulls the roots of knowledge. We term it as the process of learning. Life can be perceived from the two dimensions i.e. the limitations and the esoteric.
    Let us understand limitations as the human characteristics that are responsible for the disturbances in life. These stand against the natural existence of a human being.
    Relevant to the present context let us talk of Energy. It is defined as the capacity to do work. Behind every activity there is this requirement called energy.
    The disturbances imposed by the human limitations can be moderated with the help of energy. For example patience requires energy. The chances of getting irritated are high when a person is exhausted. But this relation may not hold in all cases. That is eating food which is believed to be the source of energy need not calm down the irritated man. So this puts us back into the search that can satiate man in the realms of life.
    Thinking of the energy and the art, that can bring peace to life’s continuing disturbances help us arrive at a practice called MEDITATION.
    Through meditation we find inner peace. It also helps in dissolving the limitations and touching the esoteric. Finally we get associated with the cosmic energy that leaves us complete without any requirements attached.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Theory Behind CHANGE

    The validity of change remains an argument in this plane. Its nature is bold and promising when witnessed. But many argue from the other side of the view. So the truth is.. what?
    Is this a question of many disheartened souls, tired exploring over life’s deepest truths? Let us find out through this medium, of words.
    From my experience I believe in the philosophy of change. To put down in words, change can be defined as a process of melting beliefs. With time and effort, rigidity establishes itself in the way life is led in this plane. Some term it as ego. Now when the space is occupied with such beliefs, it is then that an opportunity is born, to break it...
    Breaking the rigidity, associates the self with the emotional experience that the present offers. Not so easy is the immediate next, for someone who is on the onset. It is but a spec in the journey of life that offers such magic in the form of a situation. Critical are its operations over mind. At the expense of energy, it takes a lot of courage for designing happenings such as these that lead to Change.
    Much energy is consumed. Now if there is still something remaining to continue in the direction offered, then we talk of the change that is witnessed. So I call it rare and valuable. But it is a choice left to us, to witness it as it is. Again to do so require a broken man or a man with the rigidity dissolved.

Friday, May 13, 2011

In Search of Truth

    This is not me. Running behind things is not my way of living. If my present is occupied by someone who is not me, then my life remains an experience. I don't want to choose this kind of life, with many precious moment being wasted as experiences. I want to be with my self. I want to be with the Truth that I am, and hence I choose...
    The reason behind all this confusion was the expectation I carried. I was in search of truth. When I failed to find the truth in one job, I changed to a different platform. Being fickle as it appears, was only a disguise. Not anymore do I need to run, as I now believe that the truth lies in the inner world and not in the world outside. Experiences were good in that, they show the path not to be taken. They show things not to be attached to. The journey into the inner has begun long ago, but there was a deficit in the strength required to commence the journey.
    The time as it is said has come, to start from where I have left. It takes huge devotion to continue in time and the term used to describe this Isness is...
 The Practice

Thursday, May 12, 2011


    A little curiosity has popped in, towards observing life. Watching the river flow has been my daily routine though not in stringent terms. Peace has been a natural phenomenon as I go ahead experiencing the sounds of silence.
    Stepping out of this paradise is the reality that we create. First we split the world into two, setting ambitions. Each moment we take out time to define destiny in terms of these ambitions. The routine in the walk of life adds the flavor called 'Faith'. The hand behind all this creation is not remembered anymore. But the thought put into it has now strengthened and takes the name 'Belief'. We now believe in ourselves, and trust the power behind such spirited existence. Occupied with the vibes of fury, we start witnessing emotions.
    This battle of ours, continues till the day when the second world comes into sight. Slowing down in pace, we watch the reality it offers. It is then that we realize what we have created.
- The Compromise...

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Cycle Above..

    Today I urge to find the reason of my birth. Why did I come to this place, calling my visit "Life". I am not free, I am travelling with my luggage. Taking burden on my shoulders, I make each step, adding a new thing to my luggage. It's only becoming more and more difficult to travel and it is then that I halt carrying the mask of agony, searching for peace.
    Observations, understandings, love, wisdom, realizations, emotions and feelings are all a part of my luggage. Everything that seems to be mine including my own self is my luggage. Adding a new thing adds burden that has to be carried along. Hence, life is suffering. Trying to explore the truth beyond this luggage can help us identify the "Is". Starting a new journey with the luggage left behind, defines the path as the Isness. Liberation as it is called, allows the dissolving to happen. Here it is, that exists after dissolving, "the Anti-Matter".
    Putting colors to it forms the matter. With this and many other characteristics as its first luggage, it again makes the Visit...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

emotional FIRE!!

                  And the Message it Conveyed..
    Today there is an ignition. A change there is, in the direction and focus of energy. The dawdle is over with the coming of new legs. It is now a vision beyond light that defines my path. There’s fire in each step that persists forever, vaporizing the identity I carried.
    The exercise has started to experience power. There hasn’t been a moment more auspicious than “now”, to project the inner power. It is now an intent to be determined in every breath. The love for aggression and the disciplined passion comes in sync with the frequency that determines the flow of life. Magic exists and now it is witnessed for the eye has opened. The change has come sparkling with an intent to remind our eternal existence.
    The transformed existence is still here, in the present consciousness adding one more impression to the cumulative self, thus exploring a new dimension. Hence it is the new look that is on the onset and here we are, ready to capture the experience as it comes.

2nd April 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Notification from it's life-let's talk

 Let's discuss something on "Purpose of our life". You are free to
speak. But remember the intent of participating in this discussion is
to explore the depths of our own lives. In this process we can help
ourselves discover each truth on the path of realizing what we really
   Let's hope that this discussion goes forward in identifying our
purpose for leading this life. Who knows, this can very well open the
doors of a brand new life, defining new perspectives and ambitions
that can play its part in transforming this world towards positivity.
We'll take our time to contemplate on each of these topics and discuss
with the right intent.
   May be the light is right here, lets figure it out by stepping
into it. It's a journey that can radiate wisdom in every word we
speak. Let's utilize this step to make a shift in the consciousness
that we now define.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 2 Worlds..

Rightly I take the stage to speak,

There are two worlds..
One is the world of expectation,
And two is the reality!!

There’s one modification that I would like to make,
But remember, it’s not out of frustration that I speak.

There are two worlds..
One is the world of expectation,
And two is the illusion!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


    Out of observation comes this writing amidst all my interests. What surrounds me in this moment of present is a whirlwind of desires. Desires as a term when derived further can be called as the source of all disturbances which is simply ‘the thought’. Arising from an attachment towards a thing, a thought can be thought of as a means of dissipating energy. This process which seems quite unnecessary in its action only occurs when the consciousness is blinded.
    Considering the truths of life as “Nothing lasts forever”, the origin of thought with respect to a desire gives a clear indication of the invalid assumptions with which life is led. Taking direction towards such a fallacy has been the reality of many lives for a simple reason of maintaining desire. Realizing this truth doesn’t make up for the awaited enlightenment in its wholesome. Rather it can only be called as enlightenment of an impression of the self. Inferring from the concept of “A static world” where time isn’t linear, the model of the world can be visualized as consisting of many impressions of the self, each existing simultaneously in separate times of reality. Under the light of such a model, where self is defined as a conglomerate of these impressions, it can be said that realization should be a part of the awareness, that envelopes the self of every moment in life. Only then can the fluctuating waves of the thoughts be stabilized, bringing peace to this life of ours.
    Focusing on the truth that we are, defines a way of extinguishing the desirous instability which lingers around the conscious self. This practice of being with the self brings the necessary change in us which gets reflected in the world we see. It is this realization that energizes the process of materialization of a world that we dream to build. Hence, living in the present is the only way to keep out of desires.         

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The World I See: A Vision

    In this article I needn’t restrict myself to anything, may it be a rule or a discipline. I can write the way I wish to. There is no influence of fear or desire. Without restraint, this writing takes form solely because of my interest, and hence the beautiful composition…
    Where there is no condition, life seems simple. It is worth witnessing the aesthetic beauty of such simplicity. Leaving aside the beauty that this kind of life brings, there is more to be noted.  The condition less world stands as a symbol of freedom. Under such openness the world takes a leap forward in the living conditions and defines existence through joy and rapture rather than the fight for survival. In this world, each life embarks a journey towards the truth. Life becomes an expression of love. Here work is driven by interest. Therefore the scope of innovation amplifies in all fields of study. A parallel evolvement of all life forms becomes possible in this place which serves as a great scaffold for practicality as well as spirituality. Learning becomes natural and creativity becomes offhand irrespective of the difficulty in the tasks. This world will offer wisdom and transform each and everyone to become a part of the flow that life is… 
    This new world which many of us visualize today will make us live like souls and not like bodies. The fearlessness emanating from these free souls will therefore energize the space around, expanding the consciousness to resolve all differences of the present existence. Enlightenment becomes a natural phenomenon and exists in the atmosphere of this new world where all grand happenings appear natural in there very occurrences.       

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dialogue: Me, Myself & I

      Having squeezed my heart out, for the words that could express my feelings, I wrote many letters to the one whom I call the candle. I felt very bad, finding myself left out without a response...
      I stopped writing, but my contemplation continued. It continued and led me into the ether filled vacuum we call the space. The space that exists when you close your eyes. Being a witness, I understood the indifference I created through my mistakes. Feeling the importance of transformation from a "Bogi to a Yogi", I was blinded with the ego of self knowledge. It is the same knowledge which left me in ruins. These constructs that are related to the present psyche of me were supposed to fade away like the dusts of the wind. This could be called cleansing which is a direct outcome of "Realization"...
      Today, I dared to explore the faulty stupidities hidden deep inside me. For a reason like this, I started a dialogue between "me, myself and I" so as to determine the true ignorance contained in me that has left me unanswered in a situation filled with immense sensitive emotions that mapped my feelings of the present.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Life's story as narrated by Osho

The following article is an excerpt from the book "Zen and the Art of Living - by Osho" which closely resembles the present situations in my present life.. (Please note that "the master" in this excerpt is treated as a man but it can be anything).
    "Surrender means: you have lived through the ego and you have seen the futility of it, you have seen the utter misery of it. You have lived through the ego and you know that you have not been able to live through it. It does not allow you to live, because it does not allow you any expansion. It makes you smaller and smaller and smaller; it encages you deeper and deeper. It puts you into a windowless state, all openings disappear. You start living in kind of grave. To surrender means to see this! and then to find a person with whom it will be easier to say yes, a person who has had a glimpse of the real man and to whom love has happened, who has become love.
    If you can find a man with whom you can say yes easily, you have found your master. This is the criterion for how one has to decide that one has come across a master; if you can say yes easily, simply, innocently. The presence of the man makes you feel to say yes. No becomes difficult--even if you want to say no out of old habit and structure, you hesitate, you find it hard to say. And yes comes easy, like a flood. And whenever you say yes, great joy arises; and whenever you say no, you feel great misery, as if you have harmed yourself.
    Whenever you have found a person with whom this starts happening, you have found the master. Then forget about the whole world, what they say about the master! You have found the master. He may not be the master for others, but he is the master for you. Disappear into him.
    In that surrender, the ego disappears. Not that in that surrender you become a slave to the master--there is nobody to make you a slave. In fact, because there was nobody to make you a slave, that's why you were feeling so beautiful in saying yes to the man. If there was somebody to make you a slave you would have naturally felt it impossible to say yes. His ego would have offended your ego. There is a subtle interaction between egos.
    If the man has helped you to surrender, that simply means that there was nobody to offend you. There was pure love, there was nobody trying to possess you. You were not being cowed down. And once you have surrendered the ego, you will be surprised that there is nobody to take possession of you--the ego has disappeared. The master and the surrender was just a device. You have attained to primal innocence. Now you can move on your own.
  When the master sees that you have surrendered totally he makes you absolutely free. He says, "Now there is no need, now there is no question of surrender." Once surrendered, then there is no need for any surrender. The need for surrender is because of the ego--once the disease has disappeared, the medicine has to be thrown. The master takes it himself.
    And then you are free of ego and also free of egolessness. That's what Ikkyu calls real emptiness: you are empty of everything and empty of emptiness too. Ego has gone and egolessness has also gone. Now there is nobody...absolute nothingness. And the purity of it and the benediction of it are such that if you don't taste it in this life, you have wasted it again."

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