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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The World I See: A Vision

    In this article I needn’t restrict myself to anything, may it be a rule or a discipline. I can write the way I wish to. There is no influence of fear or desire. Without restraint, this writing takes form solely because of my interest, and hence the beautiful composition…
    Where there is no condition, life seems simple. It is worth witnessing the aesthetic beauty of such simplicity. Leaving aside the beauty that this kind of life brings, there is more to be noted.  The condition less world stands as a symbol of freedom. Under such openness the world takes a leap forward in the living conditions and defines existence through joy and rapture rather than the fight for survival. In this world, each life embarks a journey towards the truth. Life becomes an expression of love. Here work is driven by interest. Therefore the scope of innovation amplifies in all fields of study. A parallel evolvement of all life forms becomes possible in this place which serves as a great scaffold for practicality as well as spirituality. Learning becomes natural and creativity becomes offhand irrespective of the difficulty in the tasks. This world will offer wisdom and transform each and everyone to become a part of the flow that life is… 
    This new world which many of us visualize today will make us live like souls and not like bodies. The fearlessness emanating from these free souls will therefore energize the space around, expanding the consciousness to resolve all differences of the present existence. Enlightenment becomes a natural phenomenon and exists in the atmosphere of this new world where all grand happenings appear natural in there very occurrences.       

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dialogue: Me, Myself & I

      Having squeezed my heart out, for the words that could express my feelings, I wrote many letters to the one whom I call the candle. I felt very bad, finding myself left out without a response...
      I stopped writing, but my contemplation continued. It continued and led me into the ether filled vacuum we call the space. The space that exists when you close your eyes. Being a witness, I understood the indifference I created through my mistakes. Feeling the importance of transformation from a "Bogi to a Yogi", I was blinded with the ego of self knowledge. It is the same knowledge which left me in ruins. These constructs that are related to the present psyche of me were supposed to fade away like the dusts of the wind. This could be called cleansing which is a direct outcome of "Realization"...
      Today, I dared to explore the faulty stupidities hidden deep inside me. For a reason like this, I started a dialogue between "me, myself and I" so as to determine the true ignorance contained in me that has left me unanswered in a situation filled with immense sensitive emotions that mapped my feelings of the present.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Life's story as narrated by Osho

The following article is an excerpt from the book "Zen and the Art of Living - by Osho" which closely resembles the present situations in my present life.. (Please note that "the master" in this excerpt is treated as a man but it can be anything).
    "Surrender means: you have lived through the ego and you have seen the futility of it, you have seen the utter misery of it. You have lived through the ego and you know that you have not been able to live through it. It does not allow you to live, because it does not allow you any expansion. It makes you smaller and smaller and smaller; it encages you deeper and deeper. It puts you into a windowless state, all openings disappear. You start living in kind of grave. To surrender means to see this! and then to find a person with whom it will be easier to say yes, a person who has had a glimpse of the real man and to whom love has happened, who has become love.
    If you can find a man with whom you can say yes easily, you have found your master. This is the criterion for how one has to decide that one has come across a master; if you can say yes easily, simply, innocently. The presence of the man makes you feel to say yes. No becomes difficult--even if you want to say no out of old habit and structure, you hesitate, you find it hard to say. And yes comes easy, like a flood. And whenever you say yes, great joy arises; and whenever you say no, you feel great misery, as if you have harmed yourself.
    Whenever you have found a person with whom this starts happening, you have found the master. Then forget about the whole world, what they say about the master! You have found the master. He may not be the master for others, but he is the master for you. Disappear into him.
    In that surrender, the ego disappears. Not that in that surrender you become a slave to the master--there is nobody to make you a slave. In fact, because there was nobody to make you a slave, that's why you were feeling so beautiful in saying yes to the man. If there was somebody to make you a slave you would have naturally felt it impossible to say yes. His ego would have offended your ego. There is a subtle interaction between egos.
    If the man has helped you to surrender, that simply means that there was nobody to offend you. There was pure love, there was nobody trying to possess you. You were not being cowed down. And once you have surrendered the ego, you will be surprised that there is nobody to take possession of you--the ego has disappeared. The master and the surrender was just a device. You have attained to primal innocence. Now you can move on your own.
  When the master sees that you have surrendered totally he makes you absolutely free. He says, "Now there is no need, now there is no question of surrender." Once surrendered, then there is no need for any surrender. The need for surrender is because of the ego--once the disease has disappeared, the medicine has to be thrown. The master takes it himself.
    And then you are free of ego and also free of egolessness. That's what Ikkyu calls real emptiness: you are empty of everything and empty of emptiness too. Ego has gone and egolessness has also gone. Now there is nobody...absolute nothingness. And the purity of it and the benediction of it are such that if you don't taste it in this life, you have wasted it again."

Thursday, August 12, 2010


    Writing from the platform where stories are lives, tears and smiles both reflecting emotions of similar intensities, let us study this magical mystical world. It’s the world we know through the picture given by our senses. The place it is, for the legend and the teachings coming through it, bringing the belief that “a system exists”…
    Truth alone triumphs isn’t a reality of this world, but it is a belief beyond reality. Only a belief it is, but powerful of transforming the impossible into today’s reality!!
    Keeping the inspiring light of the candle in mind, the world may be realized as more beautiful with the great eye that is watching it. The light of the candle, “The Inspiring”, may show the path,and become the guiding light in one story of this world. But not true in any sense is the fact that the light belongs to only that story. An amazing little creature being the hero of that story tries to fight for this light to establish his rights over it. The reasons behind his fight may seem meaningful. The hero truly wants this light to be a part of his life. There is sincerity in his actions and purpose defined in his life. The goal is set and is set with the right positive intent.
    But what lies invisible in this story is the Satya, the universal truth that speaks of “the existence as the oneness” where the little character has always been one with the light (part of the light).

Thursday, May 6, 2010


When there is a chance to win
And when there is a goal, set to win
There is still one question unanswered
Where is the need to win...

The struggle for the riches of life is masking us from realizing the TRUTH.

What is it to win?? What is the real success in this illustrious world? Why all these situations and why all these morals and lessons being taught in each phase of life? What is love and why is there a necessity to have a goal when you are in love? Whose plan is this to have the happenings in life? What is the purpose behind the continuity of life?

Why is there a birth and why is the death? Why is it to have a question and why is there a need to have an answer? Why are there too many things to think about? Why is it that there is a belief system and why is it that some don’t believe in it? Why is it that there is something correct and why is it that there is something incorrect?

why do we have the eyes
but cannot see
why do we have the ears
but cannot listen
why are we born 
when we cannot find the reason

Saturday, May 1, 2010



    The eyes have become red, looking aweful to represent the hidden sorrow that the world has brought. The heart is beating with pain and the breathe not in its natural flow, each action trying to contemplate what has happened. It’s not the usual state to get back to the normal routine, atleast from the mind’s perspective.
    It is not a new problem that life has brought, that is causing this unrecognized state of awefulness. The reason is not sorrow. Reminding ourselves of the warriors living in the inner places of the self, it is now a belief that the reason for this suffering is not sorrow. Only when the true reason behind this beautiful state is determined, peace can be reestablished. Energizing on the basics of the nature of the true selves, it is only an urge to struggle for the freedom from the ruins of unhappiness.
    When there is a problem in life, it is believed that the solution to the problem also exists in the same life. Not wrong in an understanding of this kind, the steps are being made in the light of perseverance. Each step towards the dawn of impossibility seems that the journey is against the will and wish of all the people around. But it is the voice coming from the inside that makes the judgement, confirming that all these people are wrong. Blending into their opinions to see the platform from which they are speaking, it can now be understood that the real force which makes the people’s advices or suggestions comes from the ponds of negativity arising from the roots of an opposition. The opposition is called FEAR.

Live it!
Until you understand that you are still alive…
Strive to win over it!!
Until you understand fearlessness as a state, that is still alive…

My Spiritual Side...

 Introducing Myself AS…

    The one thing which I was told that belongs to me in this world, and lasts till the last beat of my physical existence is my name, I am Aditya Hiran. It has been my name and the proof of my existence. It’s my identity in this world. To talk about the background from which I write this article I take the pleasure of presenting you the dancing letters and words that describe my life.

    I am a 21 year old student doing my engineering. I was brought up in a family, which not only stood as a firm support in every situation of my life but also cleared the grounds to start a good spiritual side to my existing everyday routine. My father’s name is Parades Naidu and my mother’s name is Atchutamba. Before starting with my write-up let me give a short sketch up on the design of my life.

    It was my fortunate beginning to start my life in the light of humbleness. I was calm in the days which seem to be my past. It always seemed as if I kept myself occupied with something or the other in the order of life. By nature I was not very active, may it be in the school, college or in the house. Patience was a word commonly used in the time of praising me but words like smartness were pointed out in my life as areas where I need to improve. Everything in life was quite naturally flowing but never did I bother to stop and observe what life is, or what drama it brings. The actual state which I hold responsible for showing me the true self in the process of revealing the life’s little truths, one at a time is the state of meditation. I started the practice of Anapanasati meditation from the age of 13. At first my practice used to be limited. I used to practice meditation for improving my concentration and my performance in academics. The reason and the intent behind practicing this art of meditation may seem to be small and humble, but on being asked today I can confidently say that it was the right step in the journey of my life.
    The real interest towards practicing meditation first started in April, 2007 when I have attended a three-day workshop in Bheemavaram. The class was conducted by Mr. Raghava Rao. The workshop was focused on the concept “Atma”. It brought in interest and the practice of meditation during the workshop was plenty. This workshop has been a pretty good motivating factor to step into the field of spirituality. But this interest towards the science of spirituality was even more strengthened when I have attended the class of Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji during the Buddha Poornima Celebrations in May, 2007 at The Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru. My participation in this celebration was a beautiful experience which strengthened my interest and involvement in Anapanasati meditation.
    My interest paved way for an attitude shift towards spirituality. Naturally I adapted myself to vegetarianism. Practicing meditation, reading good spiritual books and participating in spiritual discussions have become the hobbies in my life. The doors were now open for the energy to flow into me. My observation in my daily activities improved. The understanding of The Self has started taking roots with life becoming more and more peaceful. The calmness in life brought stability in the everyday situations. Life became joyous.

    In the later phases of life, diary writing has become my habit. It helped me to study my own self and the situations of life. My observation and concentration gained through the practice of meditation helped me explore the hidden creativity in the self and in the air around. Life has become a field of interest and entertainment. My diary writing has transformed into article writing. These articles of mine are written and it’s just fun to write. The concepts or the writing is not something which is planned and written. It is written with contemplation. Each and every word is just fun and magic. It now feels like life includes training and testing of our own selves but it’s just meditative in its every instance, throwing light on the eternal design and the play…  

Monday, February 22, 2010

Speed : An Illusion !!


    In the existence where I stand, I see that I slowed down the metabolism of my life. The breathe had slowed down and the actions moved with a pace which was not my own. This stillness in the middle of the waves left me in silence, in peace, to witness “WHAT IS”.
    From the middle of a pool, which plays the slowness, comes to surface the understanding of the true speed. The same speed which is now out, into a world that has no definition for time. It is the conception that has changed. Speed, from being a property of us has become the property of nature. It is a generalization rather than a change in the belief. Only when the perception agrees that the self is a part of nature with no line to discriminate between the two, will the speed be witnessed from the true light of existence.
    This dissolving into the nature places us in a lonely place of divine dimensionality, where “MATTER DOESN’T MATTER”.

It’s an existence..
Beyond materialization!
The energy, it is..
Of the Light Form!
Which is the true self..
Defined in the space of Nothingness!! 

  18th Nov 2009

Thursday, February 11, 2010


    This is not an article I am writing, it’s the story of one legendary figure who lived in my time. Yes, it is the story of ADITYA HIRAN…
    My life is legendary, with my identity being “A Legend”. True in this reality, is the existence of the legend who lives in me and also around me. All the happenings of my life are far more beautiful than those desires which existed in my past. This path of mine, filled with rose petals is not my creation. It is still the divine glory of this legend that calls itself the decider of paths. The presence of this divine spec of eternal consciousness which I call The Legend, is witnessed, not in magical times decided by fate, but at the instant when the inner me is witnessed.
    This realization of the legendary self, is but natural in the journey of life. It is the medium of my existence which is responsible for showcasing The Legend in my life. Though it is viscous, dense and thick, the medium is still so beautiful for a life’s journey.
    This medium as you all know, is called

     The Light Of Life!!

Note:The Article you have just read, is written from the grounds of humbleness. If you dont find it humble, it means you have to read it again!!
P.Aditya Hiran

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

THE STATIC WORLD : A Place Where The Flying Desires Landed!!

    In the substance of noise we understand the substance of silence. From the similar lines of reality, I continue to explore the true substance of the self. This journey towards the inner still appears beautiful and glorious, with every phase filled with new and satisfying accomplishments…
    It is in the reality called “Now” that I have a chance to question and know the true form of the happening. Immersed in this reality, the perception now believes that the plane called existence is static. This isn’t the nature of the world but is that of the self. It is not the clock that has stopped. It is the thought that has halted. The reflection of the self which was once a wanderer has now come to rest, signing off from instability, and walking into peace.
    The desireless state which was once considered an achievement now disappeared. The space of the self carrying the nothingness, helped in dissolving each accomplishment into the reality called “Now”. The doors are now open to enter a state that is truly meditative!!
Setting the Light of Fire
We are no more a Lier !!

Knowing that our Desire…
Is something that we already Hire!!!

Note: "We" here is singular representing the self..

-P.Aditya Hiran
7th Jan 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

See What The Candle Is...


                In the time of an imaginary existence of mine, there was a new happening unleashing a different feeling and experience in my everyday life. I named it as the discovery of a new world. Naming this world was a privilege given to me. It was a different world, and I called it “The Mirrored World”. Each and every object in this world resembled nothing but a mirror. All these mirrors and their reflections expressed a language of nothingness in their very existence. This existence was divine and undisturbed until one day, when a new character entered this world…
                Having put his first steps in this world, he found a beautiful white candle. The light of the candle was inspiring. Realizing this he walked towards the candle with utmost excitement. He felt enticed and enjoyed its presence in every step. Now that he came very close to the candle, he could hear his heart beating steadily. He wanted to touch this amazing little object which proved to be the ultimate source of light in this world. But all of a sudden his excitement came to a halt when he touched it. What appeared a candle wasn’t an object but was just a reflection in the mirror. The very next instant he became confused. Now with the passage of time, he slowly started contemplating about the candle…
                He remained with his eyes closed for a considerable amount of time. It seemed as though the whole universe was waiting for him to open his eyes. All the waiting had finally come to an end when he opened his eyes. There was a distinct spark of awareness in his eyes. Carrying the glow in his words he then revealed the all awaited truth about the candle in a single phrase…

                        “ What I had seen in the mirror,
                                                  Was my own True Self ”

31st Dec 2009

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At a different place, but still in love with the candle


    With the new air around, I recognize myself to be a part of a new place. The place which makes me feel the core of a new beginning, in the phases of life…

    The office and work brings to the fore, a new AVATAR of the self. It’s a new EYE that brings a distinction in the definition of the world. Perceiving the new blossoms of the world, brings an understanding of the life’s journey. A JOURNEY, INTO THE LIGHT…
    This witnessed travelling means a lot more than just the steps I make…


     Understanding the space of the self as unlimited, this experience reflects the colors of the existence. These colors, perceived as part of the world, now represent the LIFE FORCE, even in the presence of NOTHINGNESS.

The ice has melted
It has vaporized
To reach the distances
Far Away…

Only to feel
The touch of the candle
Which has shown me
The Way!!
13th DEC 2009

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