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Thursday, January 28, 2010

See What The Candle Is...


                In the time of an imaginary existence of mine, there was a new happening unleashing a different feeling and experience in my everyday life. I named it as the discovery of a new world. Naming this world was a privilege given to me. It was a different world, and I called it “The Mirrored World”. Each and every object in this world resembled nothing but a mirror. All these mirrors and their reflections expressed a language of nothingness in their very existence. This existence was divine and undisturbed until one day, when a new character entered this world…
                Having put his first steps in this world, he found a beautiful white candle. The light of the candle was inspiring. Realizing this he walked towards the candle with utmost excitement. He felt enticed and enjoyed its presence in every step. Now that he came very close to the candle, he could hear his heart beating steadily. He wanted to touch this amazing little object which proved to be the ultimate source of light in this world. But all of a sudden his excitement came to a halt when he touched it. What appeared a candle wasn’t an object but was just a reflection in the mirror. The very next instant he became confused. Now with the passage of time, he slowly started contemplating about the candle…
                He remained with his eyes closed for a considerable amount of time. It seemed as though the whole universe was waiting for him to open his eyes. All the waiting had finally come to an end when he opened his eyes. There was a distinct spark of awareness in his eyes. Carrying the glow in his words he then revealed the all awaited truth about the candle in a single phrase…

                        “ What I had seen in the mirror,
                                                  Was my own True Self ”

31st Dec 2009

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At a different place, but still in love with the candle


    With the new air around, I recognize myself to be a part of a new place. The place which makes me feel the core of a new beginning, in the phases of life…

    The office and work brings to the fore, a new AVATAR of the self. It’s a new EYE that brings a distinction in the definition of the world. Perceiving the new blossoms of the world, brings an understanding of the life’s journey. A JOURNEY, INTO THE LIGHT…
    This witnessed travelling means a lot more than just the steps I make…


     Understanding the space of the self as unlimited, this experience reflects the colors of the existence. These colors, perceived as part of the world, now represent the LIFE FORCE, even in the presence of NOTHINGNESS.

The ice has melted
It has vaporized
To reach the distances
Far Away…

Only to feel
The touch of the candle
Which has shown me
The Way!!
13th DEC 2009

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