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Monday, February 22, 2010

Speed : An Illusion !!


    In the existence where I stand, I see that I slowed down the metabolism of my life. The breathe had slowed down and the actions moved with a pace which was not my own. This stillness in the middle of the waves left me in silence, in peace, to witness “WHAT IS”.
    From the middle of a pool, which plays the slowness, comes to surface the understanding of the true speed. The same speed which is now out, into a world that has no definition for time. It is the conception that has changed. Speed, from being a property of us has become the property of nature. It is a generalization rather than a change in the belief. Only when the perception agrees that the self is a part of nature with no line to discriminate between the two, will the speed be witnessed from the true light of existence.
    This dissolving into the nature places us in a lonely place of divine dimensionality, where “MATTER DOESN’T MATTER”.

It’s an existence..
Beyond materialization!
The energy, it is..
Of the Light Form!
Which is the true self..
Defined in the space of Nothingness!! 

  18th Nov 2009

Thursday, February 11, 2010


    This is not an article I am writing, it’s the story of one legendary figure who lived in my time. Yes, it is the story of ADITYA HIRAN…
    My life is legendary, with my identity being “A Legend”. True in this reality, is the existence of the legend who lives in me and also around me. All the happenings of my life are far more beautiful than those desires which existed in my past. This path of mine, filled with rose petals is not my creation. It is still the divine glory of this legend that calls itself the decider of paths. The presence of this divine spec of eternal consciousness which I call The Legend, is witnessed, not in magical times decided by fate, but at the instant when the inner me is witnessed.
    This realization of the legendary self, is but natural in the journey of life. It is the medium of my existence which is responsible for showcasing The Legend in my life. Though it is viscous, dense and thick, the medium is still so beautiful for a life’s journey.
    This medium as you all know, is called

     The Light Of Life!!

Note:The Article you have just read, is written from the grounds of humbleness. If you dont find it humble, it means you have to read it again!!
P.Aditya Hiran

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

THE STATIC WORLD : A Place Where The Flying Desires Landed!!

    In the substance of noise we understand the substance of silence. From the similar lines of reality, I continue to explore the true substance of the self. This journey towards the inner still appears beautiful and glorious, with every phase filled with new and satisfying accomplishments…
    It is in the reality called “Now” that I have a chance to question and know the true form of the happening. Immersed in this reality, the perception now believes that the plane called existence is static. This isn’t the nature of the world but is that of the self. It is not the clock that has stopped. It is the thought that has halted. The reflection of the self which was once a wanderer has now come to rest, signing off from instability, and walking into peace.
    The desireless state which was once considered an achievement now disappeared. The space of the self carrying the nothingness, helped in dissolving each accomplishment into the reality called “Now”. The doors are now open to enter a state that is truly meditative!!
Setting the Light of Fire
We are no more a Lier !!

Knowing that our Desire…
Is something that we already Hire!!!

Note: "We" here is singular representing the self..

-P.Aditya Hiran
7th Jan 2010

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