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Thursday, May 6, 2010


When there is a chance to win
And when there is a goal, set to win
There is still one question unanswered
Where is the need to win...

The struggle for the riches of life is masking us from realizing the TRUTH.

What is it to win?? What is the real success in this illustrious world? Why all these situations and why all these morals and lessons being taught in each phase of life? What is love and why is there a necessity to have a goal when you are in love? Whose plan is this to have the happenings in life? What is the purpose behind the continuity of life?

Why is there a birth and why is the death? Why is it to have a question and why is there a need to have an answer? Why are there too many things to think about? Why is it that there is a belief system and why is it that some don’t believe in it? Why is it that there is something correct and why is it that there is something incorrect?

why do we have the eyes
but cannot see
why do we have the ears
but cannot listen
why are we born 
when we cannot find the reason

Saturday, May 1, 2010



    The eyes have become red, looking aweful to represent the hidden sorrow that the world has brought. The heart is beating with pain and the breathe not in its natural flow, each action trying to contemplate what has happened. It’s not the usual state to get back to the normal routine, atleast from the mind’s perspective.
    It is not a new problem that life has brought, that is causing this unrecognized state of awefulness. The reason is not sorrow. Reminding ourselves of the warriors living in the inner places of the self, it is now a belief that the reason for this suffering is not sorrow. Only when the true reason behind this beautiful state is determined, peace can be reestablished. Energizing on the basics of the nature of the true selves, it is only an urge to struggle for the freedom from the ruins of unhappiness.
    When there is a problem in life, it is believed that the solution to the problem also exists in the same life. Not wrong in an understanding of this kind, the steps are being made in the light of perseverance. Each step towards the dawn of impossibility seems that the journey is against the will and wish of all the people around. But it is the voice coming from the inside that makes the judgement, confirming that all these people are wrong. Blending into their opinions to see the platform from which they are speaking, it can now be understood that the real force which makes the people’s advices or suggestions comes from the ponds of negativity arising from the roots of an opposition. The opposition is called FEAR.

Live it!
Until you understand that you are still alive…
Strive to win over it!!
Until you understand fearlessness as a state, that is still alive…

My Spiritual Side...

 Introducing Myself AS…

    The one thing which I was told that belongs to me in this world, and lasts till the last beat of my physical existence is my name, I am Aditya Hiran. It has been my name and the proof of my existence. It’s my identity in this world. To talk about the background from which I write this article I take the pleasure of presenting you the dancing letters and words that describe my life.

    I am a 21 year old student doing my engineering. I was brought up in a family, which not only stood as a firm support in every situation of my life but also cleared the grounds to start a good spiritual side to my existing everyday routine. My father’s name is Parades Naidu and my mother’s name is Atchutamba. Before starting with my write-up let me give a short sketch up on the design of my life.

    It was my fortunate beginning to start my life in the light of humbleness. I was calm in the days which seem to be my past. It always seemed as if I kept myself occupied with something or the other in the order of life. By nature I was not very active, may it be in the school, college or in the house. Patience was a word commonly used in the time of praising me but words like smartness were pointed out in my life as areas where I need to improve. Everything in life was quite naturally flowing but never did I bother to stop and observe what life is, or what drama it brings. The actual state which I hold responsible for showing me the true self in the process of revealing the life’s little truths, one at a time is the state of meditation. I started the practice of Anapanasati meditation from the age of 13. At first my practice used to be limited. I used to practice meditation for improving my concentration and my performance in academics. The reason and the intent behind practicing this art of meditation may seem to be small and humble, but on being asked today I can confidently say that it was the right step in the journey of my life.
    The real interest towards practicing meditation first started in April, 2007 when I have attended a three-day workshop in Bheemavaram. The class was conducted by Mr. Raghava Rao. The workshop was focused on the concept “Atma”. It brought in interest and the practice of meditation during the workshop was plenty. This workshop has been a pretty good motivating factor to step into the field of spirituality. But this interest towards the science of spirituality was even more strengthened when I have attended the class of Brahmarshi Subhash Patriji during the Buddha Poornima Celebrations in May, 2007 at The Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru. My participation in this celebration was a beautiful experience which strengthened my interest and involvement in Anapanasati meditation.
    My interest paved way for an attitude shift towards spirituality. Naturally I adapted myself to vegetarianism. Practicing meditation, reading good spiritual books and participating in spiritual discussions have become the hobbies in my life. The doors were now open for the energy to flow into me. My observation in my daily activities improved. The understanding of The Self has started taking roots with life becoming more and more peaceful. The calmness in life brought stability in the everyday situations. Life became joyous.

    In the later phases of life, diary writing has become my habit. It helped me to study my own self and the situations of life. My observation and concentration gained through the practice of meditation helped me explore the hidden creativity in the self and in the air around. Life has become a field of interest and entertainment. My diary writing has transformed into article writing. These articles of mine are written and it’s just fun to write. The concepts or the writing is not something which is planned and written. It is written with contemplation. Each and every word is just fun and magic. It now feels like life includes training and testing of our own selves but it’s just meditative in its every instance, throwing light on the eternal design and the play…  

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