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Thursday, August 12, 2010


    Writing from the platform where stories are lives, tears and smiles both reflecting emotions of similar intensities, let us study this magical mystical world. It’s the world we know through the picture given by our senses. The place it is, for the legend and the teachings coming through it, bringing the belief that “a system exists”…
    Truth alone triumphs isn’t a reality of this world, but it is a belief beyond reality. Only a belief it is, but powerful of transforming the impossible into today’s reality!!
    Keeping the inspiring light of the candle in mind, the world may be realized as more beautiful with the great eye that is watching it. The light of the candle, “The Inspiring”, may show the path,and become the guiding light in one story of this world. But not true in any sense is the fact that the light belongs to only that story. An amazing little creature being the hero of that story tries to fight for this light to establish his rights over it. The reasons behind his fight may seem meaningful. The hero truly wants this light to be a part of his life. There is sincerity in his actions and purpose defined in his life. The goal is set and is set with the right positive intent.
    But what lies invisible in this story is the Satya, the universal truth that speaks of “the existence as the oneness” where the little character has always been one with the light (part of the light).

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