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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Life's story as narrated by Osho

The following article is an excerpt from the book "Zen and the Art of Living - by Osho" which closely resembles the present situations in my present life.. (Please note that "the master" in this excerpt is treated as a man but it can be anything).
    "Surrender means: you have lived through the ego and you have seen the futility of it, you have seen the utter misery of it. You have lived through the ego and you know that you have not been able to live through it. It does not allow you to live, because it does not allow you any expansion. It makes you smaller and smaller and smaller; it encages you deeper and deeper. It puts you into a windowless state, all openings disappear. You start living in kind of grave. To surrender means to see this! and then to find a person with whom it will be easier to say yes, a person who has had a glimpse of the real man and to whom love has happened, who has become love.
    If you can find a man with whom you can say yes easily, you have found your master. This is the criterion for how one has to decide that one has come across a master; if you can say yes easily, simply, innocently. The presence of the man makes you feel to say yes. No becomes difficult--even if you want to say no out of old habit and structure, you hesitate, you find it hard to say. And yes comes easy, like a flood. And whenever you say yes, great joy arises; and whenever you say no, you feel great misery, as if you have harmed yourself.
    Whenever you have found a person with whom this starts happening, you have found the master. Then forget about the whole world, what they say about the master! You have found the master. He may not be the master for others, but he is the master for you. Disappear into him.
    In that surrender, the ego disappears. Not that in that surrender you become a slave to the master--there is nobody to make you a slave. In fact, because there was nobody to make you a slave, that's why you were feeling so beautiful in saying yes to the man. If there was somebody to make you a slave you would have naturally felt it impossible to say yes. His ego would have offended your ego. There is a subtle interaction between egos.
    If the man has helped you to surrender, that simply means that there was nobody to offend you. There was pure love, there was nobody trying to possess you. You were not being cowed down. And once you have surrendered the ego, you will be surprised that there is nobody to take possession of you--the ego has disappeared. The master and the surrender was just a device. You have attained to primal innocence. Now you can move on your own.
  When the master sees that you have surrendered totally he makes you absolutely free. He says, "Now there is no need, now there is no question of surrender." Once surrendered, then there is no need for any surrender. The need for surrender is because of the ego--once the disease has disappeared, the medicine has to be thrown. The master takes it himself.
    And then you are free of ego and also free of egolessness. That's what Ikkyu calls real emptiness: you are empty of everything and empty of emptiness too. Ego has gone and egolessness has also gone. Now there is nobody...absolute nothingness. And the purity of it and the benediction of it are such that if you don't taste it in this life, you have wasted it again."

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