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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Dialogue: Me, Myself & I

      Having squeezed my heart out, for the words that could express my feelings, I wrote many letters to the one whom I call the candle. I felt very bad, finding myself left out without a response...
      I stopped writing, but my contemplation continued. It continued and led me into the ether filled vacuum we call the space. The space that exists when you close your eyes. Being a witness, I understood the indifference I created through my mistakes. Feeling the importance of transformation from a "Bogi to a Yogi", I was blinded with the ego of self knowledge. It is the same knowledge which left me in ruins. These constructs that are related to the present psyche of me were supposed to fade away like the dusts of the wind. This could be called cleansing which is a direct outcome of "Realization"...
      Today, I dared to explore the faulty stupidities hidden deep inside me. For a reason like this, I started a dialogue between "me, myself and I" so as to determine the true ignorance contained in me that has left me unanswered in a situation filled with immense sensitive emotions that mapped my feelings of the present.

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