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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The World I See: A Vision

    In this article I needn’t restrict myself to anything, may it be a rule or a discipline. I can write the way I wish to. There is no influence of fear or desire. Without restraint, this writing takes form solely because of my interest, and hence the beautiful composition…
    Where there is no condition, life seems simple. It is worth witnessing the aesthetic beauty of such simplicity. Leaving aside the beauty that this kind of life brings, there is more to be noted.  The condition less world stands as a symbol of freedom. Under such openness the world takes a leap forward in the living conditions and defines existence through joy and rapture rather than the fight for survival. In this world, each life embarks a journey towards the truth. Life becomes an expression of love. Here work is driven by interest. Therefore the scope of innovation amplifies in all fields of study. A parallel evolvement of all life forms becomes possible in this place which serves as a great scaffold for practicality as well as spirituality. Learning becomes natural and creativity becomes offhand irrespective of the difficulty in the tasks. This world will offer wisdom and transform each and everyone to become a part of the flow that life is… 
    This new world which many of us visualize today will make us live like souls and not like bodies. The fearlessness emanating from these free souls will therefore energize the space around, expanding the consciousness to resolve all differences of the present existence. Enlightenment becomes a natural phenomenon and exists in the atmosphere of this new world where all grand happenings appear natural in there very occurrences.       

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