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Sunday, February 6, 2011


    Out of observation comes this writing amidst all my interests. What surrounds me in this moment of present is a whirlwind of desires. Desires as a term when derived further can be called as the source of all disturbances which is simply ‘the thought’. Arising from an attachment towards a thing, a thought can be thought of as a means of dissipating energy. This process which seems quite unnecessary in its action only occurs when the consciousness is blinded.
    Considering the truths of life as “Nothing lasts forever”, the origin of thought with respect to a desire gives a clear indication of the invalid assumptions with which life is led. Taking direction towards such a fallacy has been the reality of many lives for a simple reason of maintaining desire. Realizing this truth doesn’t make up for the awaited enlightenment in its wholesome. Rather it can only be called as enlightenment of an impression of the self. Inferring from the concept of “A static world” where time isn’t linear, the model of the world can be visualized as consisting of many impressions of the self, each existing simultaneously in separate times of reality. Under the light of such a model, where self is defined as a conglomerate of these impressions, it can be said that realization should be a part of the awareness, that envelopes the self of every moment in life. Only then can the fluctuating waves of the thoughts be stabilized, bringing peace to this life of ours.
    Focusing on the truth that we are, defines a way of extinguishing the desirous instability which lingers around the conscious self. This practice of being with the self brings the necessary change in us which gets reflected in the world we see. It is this realization that energizes the process of materialization of a world that we dream to build. Hence, living in the present is the only way to keep out of desires.         

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