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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Notification from it's life-let's talk

 Let's discuss something on "Purpose of our life". You are free to
speak. But remember the intent of participating in this discussion is
to explore the depths of our own lives. In this process we can help
ourselves discover each truth on the path of realizing what we really
   Let's hope that this discussion goes forward in identifying our
purpose for leading this life. Who knows, this can very well open the
doors of a brand new life, defining new perspectives and ambitions
that can play its part in transforming this world towards positivity.
We'll take our time to contemplate on each of these topics and discuss
with the right intent.
   May be the light is right here, lets figure it out by stepping
into it. It's a journey that can radiate wisdom in every word we
speak. Let's utilize this step to make a shift in the consciousness
that we now define.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 2 Worlds..

Rightly I take the stage to speak,

There are two worlds..
One is the world of expectation,
And two is the reality!!

There’s one modification that I would like to make,
But remember, it’s not out of frustration that I speak.

There are two worlds..
One is the world of expectation,
And two is the illusion!!!

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