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Friday, April 29, 2011

The Cycle Above..

    Today I urge to find the reason of my birth. Why did I come to this place, calling my visit "Life". I am not free, I am travelling with my luggage. Taking burden on my shoulders, I make each step, adding a new thing to my luggage. It's only becoming more and more difficult to travel and it is then that I halt carrying the mask of agony, searching for peace.
    Observations, understandings, love, wisdom, realizations, emotions and feelings are all a part of my luggage. Everything that seems to be mine including my own self is my luggage. Adding a new thing adds burden that has to be carried along. Hence, life is suffering. Trying to explore the truth beyond this luggage can help us identify the "Is". Starting a new journey with the luggage left behind, defines the path as the Isness. Liberation as it is called, allows the dissolving to happen. Here it is, that exists after dissolving, "the Anti-Matter".
    Putting colors to it forms the matter. With this and many other characteristics as its first luggage, it again makes the Visit...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

emotional FIRE!!

                  And the Message it Conveyed..
    Today there is an ignition. A change there is, in the direction and focus of energy. The dawdle is over with the coming of new legs. It is now a vision beyond light that defines my path. There’s fire in each step that persists forever, vaporizing the identity I carried.
    The exercise has started to experience power. There hasn’t been a moment more auspicious than “now”, to project the inner power. It is now an intent to be determined in every breath. The love for aggression and the disciplined passion comes in sync with the frequency that determines the flow of life. Magic exists and now it is witnessed for the eye has opened. The change has come sparkling with an intent to remind our eternal existence.
    The transformed existence is still here, in the present consciousness adding one more impression to the cumulative self, thus exploring a new dimension. Hence it is the new look that is on the onset and here we are, ready to capture the experience as it comes.

2nd April 2011

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