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Friday, May 13, 2011

In Search of Truth

    This is not me. Running behind things is not my way of living. If my present is occupied by someone who is not me, then my life remains an experience. I don't want to choose this kind of life, with many precious moment being wasted as experiences. I want to be with my self. I want to be with the Truth that I am, and hence I choose...
    The reason behind all this confusion was the expectation I carried. I was in search of truth. When I failed to find the truth in one job, I changed to a different platform. Being fickle as it appears, was only a disguise. Not anymore do I need to run, as I now believe that the truth lies in the inner world and not in the world outside. Experiences were good in that, they show the path not to be taken. They show things not to be attached to. The journey into the inner has begun long ago, but there was a deficit in the strength required to commence the journey.
    The time as it is said has come, to start from where I have left. It takes huge devotion to continue in time and the term used to describe this Isness is...
 The Practice

Thursday, May 12, 2011


    A little curiosity has popped in, towards observing life. Watching the river flow has been my daily routine though not in stringent terms. Peace has been a natural phenomenon as I go ahead experiencing the sounds of silence.
    Stepping out of this paradise is the reality that we create. First we split the world into two, setting ambitions. Each moment we take out time to define destiny in terms of these ambitions. The routine in the walk of life adds the flavor called 'Faith'. The hand behind all this creation is not remembered anymore. But the thought put into it has now strengthened and takes the name 'Belief'. We now believe in ourselves, and trust the power behind such spirited existence. Occupied with the vibes of fury, we start witnessing emotions.
    This battle of ours, continues till the day when the second world comes into sight. Slowing down in pace, we watch the reality it offers. It is then that we realize what we have created.
- The Compromise...

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