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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Through the Basics

    In the ‘Now’ of time, let’s introduce the reader to the journey that absorbs the benefits from sheer exploration of the self. Let this be a key to the door of unresolved miseries.
    Life has started. Every co-ordinate in the limits of birth and death has to be experienced. The time has come to start the exploration that pulls the roots of knowledge. We term it as the process of learning. Life can be perceived from the two dimensions i.e. the limitations and the esoteric.
    Let us understand limitations as the human characteristics that are responsible for the disturbances in life. These stand against the natural existence of a human being.
    Relevant to the present context let us talk of Energy. It is defined as the capacity to do work. Behind every activity there is this requirement called energy.
    The disturbances imposed by the human limitations can be moderated with the help of energy. For example patience requires energy. The chances of getting irritated are high when a person is exhausted. But this relation may not hold in all cases. That is eating food which is believed to be the source of energy need not calm down the irritated man. So this puts us back into the search that can satiate man in the realms of life.
    Thinking of the energy and the art, that can bring peace to life’s continuing disturbances help us arrive at a practice called MEDITATION.
    Through meditation we find inner peace. It also helps in dissolving the limitations and touching the esoteric. Finally we get associated with the cosmic energy that leaves us complete without any requirements attached.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Theory Behind CHANGE

    The validity of change remains an argument in this plane. Its nature is bold and promising when witnessed. But many argue from the other side of the view. So the truth is.. what?
    Is this a question of many disheartened souls, tired exploring over life’s deepest truths? Let us find out through this medium, of words.
    From my experience I believe in the philosophy of change. To put down in words, change can be defined as a process of melting beliefs. With time and effort, rigidity establishes itself in the way life is led in this plane. Some term it as ego. Now when the space is occupied with such beliefs, it is then that an opportunity is born, to break it...
    Breaking the rigidity, associates the self with the emotional experience that the present offers. Not so easy is the immediate next, for someone who is on the onset. It is but a spec in the journey of life that offers such magic in the form of a situation. Critical are its operations over mind. At the expense of energy, it takes a lot of courage for designing happenings such as these that lead to Change.
    Much energy is consumed. Now if there is still something remaining to continue in the direction offered, then we talk of the change that is witnessed. So I call it rare and valuable. But it is a choice left to us, to witness it as it is. Again to do so require a broken man or a man with the rigidity dissolved.

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