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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


    This brings forth a whole new perspective of handling vibes in the journey of life. Let's understand vibes as a culmination of thoughts, emotions and intentions we create. Referring to this idea, Man seems to work on handling these vibes as long as his material conceptions do not collapse.
    In similar lines power is defined sometimes as the ability to handle vibes. Even after witnessing a whole lot of coincidences and happenings which are never expected, people still seem to believe in this fallacy called power, in which man imagines himself standing and stabilizing these vibes. So at the end of the day if we question ourselves on our achievements, we find our own ways to defend our own selves. If we dare to look into ourselves even after all this we understand 'Why a bad carpenter blames his tools.'
    Associating with the eternity, it may be true to call life as suffering, but it should be well understood that it is we who create this suffering. Coming to the vibes, they needn't be handled but need to be controlled in the first place while being created.

1st Noble Truth: Life is suffering. (Ref: Buddha's Eightfold Path)
2nd Noble Truth: You create your own reality. (Ref: Brahmarshi Patriji's Talks, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or well known as The Law of Attraction).
Inference: Have a check on what you create before calling life a suffering.

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Recollecting the happenings in my life, let me write this beautiful story. One day I entered a room, which was filled with darkness that seemed unlimited in all its dimensions. Nothing was visible. I stayed and lived in the place where anger, frustration and tears had no meaning. There was no one to listen or speak to. With the dreadful darkness around me the only companions were the hopeless, weak thoughts.
Suddenly there was a feeling of hope taking roots from where I am, when I found a candle. It seemed as though the strength of my emotion touched the plane of the heavens, which brought help. Now, with the candle lighted I was reassured that the nature was helping me. For once I adored, respected and fell in love with the candle which showed me the world. I could now enjoy every bit of my existence as the room was filled with exquisitely beautiful things. There were no more thoughts but only pure happiness and joy that ruled my kingdom of life. The candle now appeared as God. It felt as though there was nothing more beautiful and lovely than this candle that I respect the most.
In this mesmerizing flow of events, there was one thing that I forgot. I forgot that the candle cannot last for long and its existence on this plane is temporary. When I became aware of this little truth, I understood that even my existence on this wondrous plane was temporary. And before the candle has left me, it is me who is leaving the candle. This walk into a new room may bring many more surprises and the candle remains a memory in this illusory story of existence.

22nd Oct 2009

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