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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Defying ISNESS..

    This article is dedicated to the one who believes that there is NO END. Yes it is dedicated to the writer of this article, ADITYA HIRAN.
    For, he lives as though  he is living around his physical self more than he does in the physical. As far as I know, from the worldly definitions, he is a human being. But his style is different.
    He knows that life is a choice but still stands out of choosing the reality. He believes that choosing something is equally biased in life as there is judgment. Being intellectually tuned as a realized soul, he stays out of it.
    As he sinks into the eternity, he honors himself by saying that suffering is out of his life. Let me explain his perspective, he believes that nothing is created unless we create it. And now, this holds for “Suffering” as well.
Hence his life is a joyous song, conveying the truth that there is NO END, as all is Eternal!!

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