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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


    There are still tears in my eyes and today I wonder why.. I am sensitive and I don’t know what makes me cry. It’s all emotional but the only enquiry I hold is why??
    I don’t have reasons. The best part of it lies in the source that brings this creation to the stage. The gap between the bodies I hold and me is still not clear. I may exhibit many emotions, but there’s something I am looking for which exists beyond the visible. What appears right to me may remain a conception, and the only beauty that exists lies in witnessing it.
    All this knowledge leaves a person with the honorable designation of an actor. We can also call ourselves liars, if that sounds better. The only practice that life offers me, is now wet with tears. I call it sorrow which is but laughable for others. When they cry it’s me who laughs. However I want to question the validity of the happenings. There’s still a gap that I witness which differentiates me from all the pain I experience.
    Life isn’t the truth!! This is what I feel. It isn’t even close to something like that. What we see in this world is nothing but our own selves. So, what are you making fun of??
    I am in love with these words which come through me. It helps me dissipate the energy that builds out of emotions. It is the sadness today and the anger tomorrow, but I still question…

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Precious

    I have some energy. I manage it wisely. Every activity takes some of it, but soon after we sleep, we are ready to get more of it. What do you think about energy?  If you ask me, I would say I would grab it as much as I can. But what about the uncertainty with which we lead our lives..
    I don’t know how much it takes to experience the next situation. I guess this scenario of not knowing is quite natural in this planet. Now, let’s talk about the dissipation of energy. Just think how much of it is under your control. If I am right, it asks for your awareness while carrying on with your daily activities. ...I know I can’t ask for more.
    Once you start this practice, your concentration improves. You’ll come to know about your improvements once your observation improves. Oh! It’s now chaining up.. So what’s next?
    It’s now that we embark on a journey towards the unknowing. We begin our experiences with the new steps we take. We sense the aesthetic. But all I can assure you is that, it’s not over yet.
    Our understanding of what we perceive reaches a new level. It’ll be a new platform from where we do our activities. The world has been there for ages, but it’s now that the time has come to kindle our lives. Never before has there been such beauty in the world around. So, what has changed?
    When I took my debut in this new level, I was excited, and after all these years of persistence, I can say that I am now joyous. Now it’s your turn to write, learn or experience, as you now have the one precious thing – Your Life!!

 - 09/19/2011

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