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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boredom Detached

    Talks with Aditya Varma: The essence of the talk is to try something new in life. It is about the trust we should lay on ‘Change’. We should experiment new things to explore the hidden talents in us. In the process we’ll learn.
    Investing on the routine things of life, isn’t interesting anymore, please realize. What you miss out in the routine thinking is something worth more than anything in life. There is no fun in visiting the same place again and again. It’s the freshness of a new place that brings us joy and excitement in the journey of life.
    Opening the doors to the unknown isn’t always easy. But once we start the practice of exploring into the details of life, we realize the colors which we never knew had existed previously. So, let’s record what we observe and then sketch out what’s new in the things we have done. 

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