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Monday, November 12, 2012

Analyzing the Concept Behind DREAMS

dEDiCaTeD to the Eternity that encirles Life..

Author's Note: This analysis was recorded two years back when I had a dream that was followed by contemplative reasoning. The reasoning is posted here as it is.

I believe that it came from some place other than my mind. From my intuitive observation, a model can be formed as always, that can explain what actually happened. So here is the conception. The first thing is, here ‘I’ is assumed bigger than the present conscious self and each substance or a thing that makes up the other parts of the self are all connected. So, there is a telepathic communication channel that is established. Now if we can perceive some insights through this model, we can note that the control of all the parts of the ‘I’ including the conscious self is in the hands of the ’I’. This contradicts the previous assumptions, which talk of the mind as the controlling device of the conscious self. Now talking of ‘I’, we have to know that this ‘I’ has a reach beyond the consciousness. This can be proved through a study on my dream. Sleep is an unconscious process. Therefore when a dream comes to us, the complete setup is made unconsciously. But now if a dream brings a relevant aspect from the life of the conscious self, which is now happening in the absence of the consciousness, hence it proves the previous statement. Now, it can be understood that the source which designed and sent the dream is beyond the scope of the consciousness. Now the next immediate question that can be stated is as follows. As termed in the above context, if the dream process is supposed to have happened in the absence of consciousness, what is the actual means through which the dream got perceived, captured and discussed in this world (the material world or the physical world) which has a different reality compared to that of the original dream? It is through AWARENESS…

These were the concepts given to me for discussion. Here the questions and answers were provided sequentially as a stream of thought processes that helped me in the write-up.

- 01/20/2011 (Written two years back).

Friday, August 10, 2012


Dedicated to the trees of planet Earth.

There is a way. To everything that has ever existed. With authority the words are printed, to explain a solution that there is. No problem will be defined. There is a solution to the ever continuing cycle of breaking yourself.

The ripples are formed but on the surface. What’s true has to be explored. Is there a way?? Yes there is..

Life is different, in different places and at different times. What remains, is a journey that continues. Knowledge is an object, at a certain understanding. But the perspective may change. The definitions are for the objects, but your vision may change. What you see may not be true, but you may change. All there is, is stillness unexplored.

Swaying to the different conditions, trees are setting an example. But the ones with the eyes, are they seeing it? The strength is in the stillness at the core of the trunks, preaching this world that is all around. No matter who listens, they spend their lives in a mode no different. No differences they show, giving shelter and shade. What is wrong in letting us learn.

Filled with life and freshness, is there a message to be conveyed? Yes.

“When stillness speaks, we see that there is a way…”

Friday, July 13, 2012

QUOTES: A Second Series

Dedicated to the special hour that made writing more significant than the words it contained.

1. Life in US feels like
               Life’s in US
(An acknowledgement to the place that made me write)

2. Dear heart and mind
          Be together
    And I’ll be with you

3. To the beautiful U
             Just be You

4. Life’s live
             So just live

5. Who’s your’s?
             And what’s your’s?

6. Neither are you small
             Nor are you small in front of me
   - God

7. Welcome the wilderness to flow in..

8. You are never wrong
             Because being wrong is just a perspective

9. There are only one kind of people
              Called Sculptors,
         Creating their own Lives

10. When you see an ugly face
            Like Beethoven’s
       Guess what, you’ll say
        “You are Awesome”

Quotes are not the truths, they are the colors of experience.  - The Writer

Monday, June 25, 2012


Dedicated to the beautiful bird that pleased my heart this morning.
    On his journey, he has become too busy with the things he has been doing for the reasons he has created. He has a job with a schedule that is demanding. He has to take care of everything that he is held responsible for. He has to plan big and accurate. In this process he builds his personality.
    More and more professionalism flows into his life. Getting accustomed to the environment seems necessary. No intent other than his job, income and personal life exists. When the world offers him some space to relax, he uses the space to plan his investments. His planning takes him towards possessions that he categorizes as short term and long term. He defines his acts as a reflection of his own skill.
    He grows but in the eyes of his own. One day when the opportunity comes , he stares at a beautiful bird that is so unique. He quickly reaches for the grains he saved last night and tries to feed the bird. And when the bird pecks his palm for the grains he offered, he experiences the wilderness of nature. This act of his which was but natural, breaks him apart only to make him realize the connection that he missed all these days. Soon he understands the abundance in the enriching connection of the nature.
    This brings joy with tears rolling in his eyes. From thereafter he continues to live his life with the new born eye that witnesses the beauty between his surroundings and his life. He then finds a moment to put his wisdom into words and says: “Everything is in place and for the one who discovers it, it is just a Perfect World”.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tensed!! A Realization of the Strong Heart

    Dedicated to all the people in the world who felt tensed atleast once in their lifetimes.

    These are the moments when I see myself as hollow. Without knowing the situations that are queued up I stepped into the current that now drives me. The potential in me seems to vaporize like the fumes of the molten iron. Still I continue to walk this way with the light unknown.
    Trust that I have in this world is just enough to overcome these little pressures I am experiencing. But it is the spirit that supports me to continue walking, strongly like ever before. Humbled I live, watching the lights diminishing only with the blind trust that everything will be in place.
    I don’t have the worldly words to describe the drained spirit. Without the strength that is mine I have come this far. But still there is an ocean to cross. The moments of being tensed seems to make the environment unfriendly. The love still exists and I feel acknowledged that things will be in place. Each time, I can convince myself only because of the STRONG HEART and not because of the knowledge of future.
    It’s still the trust I use, to keep myself out of trembling. A little different it is from the fears of the world, but still so uncomfortable to drain my spirited existence. Working till the last calorie that is left un-burnt, I continue to take my next step.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Unfolding

    This is an amazing little write-up. Springing from the fields of amusement that a moment brings, is in itself a beautiful subject to explore. The subtle experience of something good in life leaves you in a whirlwind of emotions. But when the awareness just steps beyond the usual state of getting carried away, it is still the positivity of exploration that persists.
    Surprising was this concept, but truly beautiful. The unfolding is the phenomenon of growing from your experiences. You grow at all levels of abstractions in this life. The unrealized gift of this natural process is what I call “The Unfolding”. It is just the reflections of you growing, that materialize in the world outside. Only an eye it takes to witness it, but the support should be from the intellect you build. Though the conception is visualized only in either of the two worlds, let me make it clear through some examples, that may help bring to the fore the other missing world.
    Beginning with the timeline, we pass through each phase to become the Man. In the same way, the situations that unfold in your life also change. From a student you become the citizen. You start working towards your job which is the implicit reflection of the unfolding that happens within.
    Hence there is no point worrying about the opportunities we get today. As there is a day when you will be called and if it is true to have witnessed the unfolding that took place in the inner worlds, then there is a reflection of the same in the world outside. This comes to light today, and if not, today is just not that day.   

Sunday, March 25, 2012

As it is..

I have the freedom of thought and the potential to learn. My present being an opportunity that blossoms richness in every aspect of me. I can be truthful to this journal of mine where there is absolutely nothing that can raise an objection.
To unmask the truth of what I am I need to think how I can do it. To have the most sensitive observation on what makes me, is the essence of this article. Probably I dream like any other, but what makes me different, has to be witnessed. In terms of the material, there is lot of vocabulary that is found in the literature. But to peep into the soul of my being I have to seek beyond the ordinary literature. That which cannot be defined can still be spoken of. To value such words requires a great sense of patience supported with learning.
It is not the writer who is important, but the readers. It is not the thoughts I put in that makes a change in this world, but the hands of the listener who reads this article. Beautiful is the world, but it is up to the eyes that witness it. Put in other words,
         Are we free enough to witness the truth as it is??

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Eternal Rhymes of the Internal Glory

      The world’s love is in the air we breathe in. Embracing it, is accepting it. The day is smooth in the toughest of paths, with the radiance of beauty striking hard.. It’s a melodious spell that keeps you alive, creating a rhythm for you to drive. No power can be mightier, when every being is happier. Under hard rock, it is still the sounds of silence that makes the space.
      Harmony exists only when it is perceived. The essence of life is not in the green lush of a colorful garden, nor is it in a miraculous period of time. But here it is when you are open and ready to take it. What is.. is all that  is!!
      Not true, is the routine, scheduled. Free are we, to rule. There is no time in the realm of joy, that makes the story of a toy. Natural is how we act, fooling ourselves is but a fact.  Realization isn’t close, so that you lose, but life has many options only to let you choose. Being shy goes in vain, so just try and make it rain.
      Light isn’t external, when it is you who is eternal. Lives come and go, like waves on the shore. Contemporary is for the thinking, where temporary is just this thinking. For we are to shine, embracing the light of the shrine.       

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To be at Peace

    Life has become calm. It seems natural living from what I am. The disturbance isn't a part of my life at this instant. For that matter, there is immense serenity from which this writing has come.
    We nurture ourselves to become what we are. In this process, we call life to be training. But what was and what will be may not be linked to what is. A belief might only be transitory. When it comes to a wise man’s sayings, we find it true. Here the truth might be that we haven’t gone beyond it, in our thought or vision. Moreover acceptance is our nature just like exclamation. When we accept something as real, we build our knowledge and when we question it, we build our understanding.
    Sometimes life seems to have become empty. It happens when the craving has stopped. After this we start witnessing something interesting from our daily living. The situations remain unchanged and our actions ordinary but the inner phenomenon is now at peace. Finally, we understand that the essence of being human is experienced.     nsite may not be linked to what is. a ethod.hat can be solved.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quotes, Timeline And the Final Maestro Touch


  1. You believe only a little of me
The rest is called your ignorance
  2. If you don’t hire me
The shortcoming may not always be mine
  3. ADITYA HIRAN is a phenomenon
I am only an obedient worker under his name
  4. I spend my life trying to expand my consciousness
Don’t spend yours trying to measure it
  5. I don’t take the accolades you give me
It’s my name that takes it

  6. ADITYA HIRAN is my creation

  7. What is Fear
When life is a Gift

  8. When God speaks, I write
When I speak, God listens

“This above all: to thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare

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