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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To be at Peace

    Life has become calm. It seems natural living from what I am. The disturbance isn't a part of my life at this instant. For that matter, there is immense serenity from which this writing has come.
    We nurture ourselves to become what we are. In this process, we call life to be training. But what was and what will be may not be linked to what is. A belief might only be transitory. When it comes to a wise man’s sayings, we find it true. Here the truth might be that we haven’t gone beyond it, in our thought or vision. Moreover acceptance is our nature just like exclamation. When we accept something as real, we build our knowledge and when we question it, we build our understanding.
    Sometimes life seems to have become empty. It happens when the craving has stopped. After this we start witnessing something interesting from our daily living. The situations remain unchanged and our actions ordinary but the inner phenomenon is now at peace. Finally, we understand that the essence of being human is experienced.     nsite may not be linked to what is. a ethod.hat can be solved.

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