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Sunday, March 25, 2012

As it is..

I have the freedom of thought and the potential to learn. My present being an opportunity that blossoms richness in every aspect of me. I can be truthful to this journal of mine where there is absolutely nothing that can raise an objection.
To unmask the truth of what I am I need to think how I can do it. To have the most sensitive observation on what makes me, is the essence of this article. Probably I dream like any other, but what makes me different, has to be witnessed. In terms of the material, there is lot of vocabulary that is found in the literature. But to peep into the soul of my being I have to seek beyond the ordinary literature. That which cannot be defined can still be spoken of. To value such words requires a great sense of patience supported with learning.
It is not the writer who is important, but the readers. It is not the thoughts I put in that makes a change in this world, but the hands of the listener who reads this article. Beautiful is the world, but it is up to the eyes that witness it. Put in other words,
         Are we free enough to witness the truth as it is??

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Eternal Rhymes of the Internal Glory

      The world’s love is in the air we breathe in. Embracing it, is accepting it. The day is smooth in the toughest of paths, with the radiance of beauty striking hard.. It’s a melodious spell that keeps you alive, creating a rhythm for you to drive. No power can be mightier, when every being is happier. Under hard rock, it is still the sounds of silence that makes the space.
      Harmony exists only when it is perceived. The essence of life is not in the green lush of a colorful garden, nor is it in a miraculous period of time. But here it is when you are open and ready to take it. What is.. is all that  is!!
      Not true, is the routine, scheduled. Free are we, to rule. There is no time in the realm of joy, that makes the story of a toy. Natural is how we act, fooling ourselves is but a fact.  Realization isn’t close, so that you lose, but life has many options only to let you choose. Being shy goes in vain, so just try and make it rain.
      Light isn’t external, when it is you who is eternal. Lives come and go, like waves on the shore. Contemporary is for the thinking, where temporary is just this thinking. For we are to shine, embracing the light of the shrine.       

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