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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tensed!! A Realization of the Strong Heart

    Dedicated to all the people in the world who felt tensed atleast once in their lifetimes.

    These are the moments when I see myself as hollow. Without knowing the situations that are queued up I stepped into the current that now drives me. The potential in me seems to vaporize like the fumes of the molten iron. Still I continue to walk this way with the light unknown.
    Trust that I have in this world is just enough to overcome these little pressures I am experiencing. But it is the spirit that supports me to continue walking, strongly like ever before. Humbled I live, watching the lights diminishing only with the blind trust that everything will be in place.
    I don’t have the worldly words to describe the drained spirit. Without the strength that is mine I have come this far. But still there is an ocean to cross. The moments of being tensed seems to make the environment unfriendly. The love still exists and I feel acknowledged that things will be in place. Each time, I can convince myself only because of the STRONG HEART and not because of the knowledge of future.
    It’s still the trust I use, to keep myself out of trembling. A little different it is from the fears of the world, but still so uncomfortable to drain my spirited existence. Working till the last calorie that is left un-burnt, I continue to take my next step.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Unfolding

    This is an amazing little write-up. Springing from the fields of amusement that a moment brings, is in itself a beautiful subject to explore. The subtle experience of something good in life leaves you in a whirlwind of emotions. But when the awareness just steps beyond the usual state of getting carried away, it is still the positivity of exploration that persists.
    Surprising was this concept, but truly beautiful. The unfolding is the phenomenon of growing from your experiences. You grow at all levels of abstractions in this life. The unrealized gift of this natural process is what I call “The Unfolding”. It is just the reflections of you growing, that materialize in the world outside. Only an eye it takes to witness it, but the support should be from the intellect you build. Though the conception is visualized only in either of the two worlds, let me make it clear through some examples, that may help bring to the fore the other missing world.
    Beginning with the timeline, we pass through each phase to become the Man. In the same way, the situations that unfold in your life also change. From a student you become the citizen. You start working towards your job which is the implicit reflection of the unfolding that happens within.
    Hence there is no point worrying about the opportunities we get today. As there is a day when you will be called and if it is true to have witnessed the unfolding that took place in the inner worlds, then there is a reflection of the same in the world outside. This comes to light today, and if not, today is just not that day.   

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