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Monday, June 25, 2012


Dedicated to the beautiful bird that pleased my heart this morning.
    On his journey, he has become too busy with the things he has been doing for the reasons he has created. He has a job with a schedule that is demanding. He has to take care of everything that he is held responsible for. He has to plan big and accurate. In this process he builds his personality.
    More and more professionalism flows into his life. Getting accustomed to the environment seems necessary. No intent other than his job, income and personal life exists. When the world offers him some space to relax, he uses the space to plan his investments. His planning takes him towards possessions that he categorizes as short term and long term. He defines his acts as a reflection of his own skill.
    He grows but in the eyes of his own. One day when the opportunity comes , he stares at a beautiful bird that is so unique. He quickly reaches for the grains he saved last night and tries to feed the bird. And when the bird pecks his palm for the grains he offered, he experiences the wilderness of nature. This act of his which was but natural, breaks him apart only to make him realize the connection that he missed all these days. Soon he understands the abundance in the enriching connection of the nature.
    This brings joy with tears rolling in his eyes. From thereafter he continues to live his life with the new born eye that witnesses the beauty between his surroundings and his life. He then finds a moment to put his wisdom into words and says: “Everything is in place and for the one who discovers it, it is just a Perfect World”.

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