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Friday, July 13, 2012

QUOTES: A Second Series

Dedicated to the special hour that made writing more significant than the words it contained.

1. Life in US feels like
               Life’s in US
(An acknowledgement to the place that made me write)

2. Dear heart and mind
          Be together
    And I’ll be with you

3. To the beautiful U
             Just be You

4. Life’s live
             So just live

5. Who’s your’s?
             And what’s your’s?

6. Neither are you small
             Nor are you small in front of me
   - God

7. Welcome the wilderness to flow in..

8. You are never wrong
             Because being wrong is just a perspective

9. There are only one kind of people
              Called Sculptors,
         Creating their own Lives

10. When you see an ugly face
            Like Beethoven’s
       Guess what, you’ll say
        “You are Awesome”

Quotes are not the truths, they are the colors of experience.  - The Writer

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