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Monday, November 12, 2012

Analyzing the Concept Behind DREAMS

dEDiCaTeD to the Eternity that encirles Life..

Author's Note: This analysis was recorded two years back when I had a dream that was followed by contemplative reasoning. The reasoning is posted here as it is.

I believe that it came from some place other than my mind. From my intuitive observation, a model can be formed as always, that can explain what actually happened. So here is the conception. The first thing is, here ‘I’ is assumed bigger than the present conscious self and each substance or a thing that makes up the other parts of the self are all connected. So, there is a telepathic communication channel that is established. Now if we can perceive some insights through this model, we can note that the control of all the parts of the ‘I’ including the conscious self is in the hands of the ’I’. This contradicts the previous assumptions, which talk of the mind as the controlling device of the conscious self. Now talking of ‘I’, we have to know that this ‘I’ has a reach beyond the consciousness. This can be proved through a study on my dream. Sleep is an unconscious process. Therefore when a dream comes to us, the complete setup is made unconsciously. But now if a dream brings a relevant aspect from the life of the conscious self, which is now happening in the absence of the consciousness, hence it proves the previous statement. Now, it can be understood that the source which designed and sent the dream is beyond the scope of the consciousness. Now the next immediate question that can be stated is as follows. As termed in the above context, if the dream process is supposed to have happened in the absence of consciousness, what is the actual means through which the dream got perceived, captured and discussed in this world (the material world or the physical world) which has a different reality compared to that of the original dream? It is through AWARENESS…

These were the concepts given to me for discussion. Here the questions and answers were provided sequentially as a stream of thought processes that helped me in the write-up.

- 01/20/2011 (Written two years back).

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