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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beautiful it is... LIFE !!

     Today's article is a grand witness of life's hidden beauty. A lot is said about destiny. But life speaks much more than just the successes and failures in life. Life speaks about a journey embarked as an individual's life. This voice was heard by the Mahatma and so he says:

"My life is my message" - Mahatma Gandhi

     Through the course of life, I have experienced human. The thoughts of few such experiences were recorded.  Here, in my words, you can feel the imperfection of being human and also the bestowed treasure that's hidden in the mysterious experiences of the routine life. Without breathing the extraordinary, no man survives, and here is a tale that quotes the auspicious thoughts...

1. To be unlimited means to exist no more.

2. Love too, has a little mischief in it,
                 After all, it is the human mind that defines it.

3. To ask? How much would it take to ask?

4. Life teaches dissolving into Nature and emphasizes on FOCUS!!

     Greatness cannot be shown, it can only be witnessed. Both religion and science tried to show it. It is here I stand, belonging to no religion or science, Calling myself the world citizen, and there is no wonder when I say, I am in love with this world more than its conceptions.

"I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world" - Socrates, from Plutarch, Of Banishment, Greek philosopher in Athens (469 BC - 399 BC).

 5. The body that contains me may not support the speed of thoughts I get, but it's alright to remind myself that I am still physical.

6. When you are not perfect, people will ask you to be perfect.
                    When you are perfect, people say you are not!

7. Magic is a term too limited to describe the happenings of life.

8. For those who define love, it is understood that they missed it.

9. Calculus, God, Love: Are the three perspectives defining the Infinite.
                             Truth: Is the only perspective defining the Unknown.

      In the ups and downs of life, writing has been a tool that has never let me down. Here is my deepest gratitude to the words of the language, that help me understand the true expression of life. And now I speak of it, 

Life's beauty is in its journey!! 

Sacramento, USA

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