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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Dedicated to the happiness in life…

Busy life is pretty stylish. In the polished black shoe, when you walk, you will but find thoughts all around. The alacrity is practiced in the passion of such lifestyles. The perfume and the tie, are all there, presenting a serious outfit to the so called life of yours. Working each moment, though partly for self-satisfaction, resembles more of a race. A race that is sometimes secretive while at other times quite aggressive. There is less pollution in the automobiles, thanks to the technology, but to remember the serenity of a peaceful lifestyle, is far from reality.
To bring back the calmness that was once the rightful possession of the peaceful mind, the article intends to open up your senses for the taste of freshness. Right here when you start trusting these words, and if you choose to close your eyes, there is this imagination that springs from the energy of the present. It is promisingly refreshing. Through this well-known marathon called life, take one step, only to enjoy the mere presence and participation of you as a whole. After that if you say that the world has never been the same, ever since, I will not be surprised. It just takes one miraculous step, the one step that is as natural and simple as any other, but different in that it contains YOU !!
For a few of you, life might be about love, passion, achievement or any such philosophy. What could be more rightful? If this was the only reality of each and every life that would exist, then surely you would have been certainly right. The diversity in lives exists for a grander reason. It might be a subject of the higher truths of human evolution, which is yet to be discovered, but until then you can take the privilege of stopping where you are to witness the one step of the race.

Sacramento, CA


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