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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Coming : An Understanding Beyond this Dimension

Life has never been the same. The magnitude of it has diminished to a level that calls it the lower phase of life. But not true.. What seems to be true is not true. The magnitude of the present life is certainly low. But what's not true is the inference that comes attached with the absence of wisdom. Observing closely enough to hear the true beat of the present phase, expands the little perceptive mind to discover a brand new world witnessing the phenomenon called the dimensional shift.

This is not a step back, but indeed the miracle of the tiny step that unleashed the grand discovery of a new world. The world which is as true as the one experienced in and around this life till date, but in no means relevant to the context preached through the lifetimes that passed by. Many experiences, knowledge and relationships were taught from the time of the first breathe.. But through out this life, the emphasis to open the doors into the new and unknown has been limited. The reason is vague and is rightly vague. Not any more is there a need to emphasize on the limitations or the reasons that were constructed around. Life has explored a new dimension !!

The unknown is the phenomenon, but to witness is to be fearless. Putting into words, makes it judgmental with a distinction between easy and tough. What appears to be slow might be the most amazing use of time, with the illusionary stick called success in between. Though there seems to be little to be learnt, the little is quite enough to explore the dimension that exists in the Coming !!!  

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