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Good Books

If you want to buy any of my favourite books, I have an ad on my blog on the RHS (on the articles tab) to choose from the list of favourite books. You can follow that link to buy them.

1. Illusions - Richard Bach
2. The Alchemist - Paulo Coehlo
3. Siddartha - Herman Hesse
4. The Third Eye - T. Lobsang Rampa
5. The Other Side - Sylvia Brown
6. Seth Speaks - Jane Roberts
7. The Other Worlds - Torkom Saraydarian
8. The White Book - Ramtha
9. Miracles - Stuart Wilde
10. Jonathan Livingstone Seagull - Richard Bach
11. One - Richard Bach
12. The Prophet - Khalil Gibran
13. The Bridge Across Forever - Richard Bach
14. Conversations With God 1,2,3 - Neale Donald Walsh
15. You Forever - T. Lobsang Rampa
16. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M Pirsig
17. The Power of Now - Ekhart Tolle
18. The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield
19. Doorways to Light - Krishnananda
20. Autobiography of a Yogi - Yogananda Paramhamsa
21. Books by Osho - Ex: The Mustard Seed, The Perfect Way, Zen and the Art of Living etc.
22. Lila - Robert M. Pirsig
23. Living with the Himalayan Masters
24. Walking Meditation - Thich Nhat Hanh
25. The Tenth Insight - James Redfield

My Favorite:
Illusions - Richard Bach

For more books:

1. Spiritual India - By-monthly magazine
2. Spiritual Science - By-monthly magazine
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